Types of digital marketing

Types of digital marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is creating and disseminating information—text, photos, and multimedia—that adds value for your audience as opposed to merely broadcasting advertisements. “Content” can refer to social media posts, blog posts, and entertaining videos when discussing business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing; while discussing B2B (business-to-business) marketing, it can refer to further studies or white papers, webinars, and training videos.

Search engine marketing 

Having your website appear at the top of search results for your brand, your products and services, and other important terms is the aim of search engine marketing. Think about Bing and Google (which is after all the most well-known) (which is frequently installed on business computers and is great for B2B). It involves both paid and organic search (pay per click, or PPC), search engine optimization, or SEO, and desktop and mobile devices (as well as smart home assistants these days; see number 10—audio marketing).


The goal of search engine optimization is to make websites more search engine friendly.This requires creating material that consumers are actively looking for and making sure that both the platforms it is hosted on and the content itself are technically optimised. No of what kind of business or industry they are in, everyone should be engaging in this.


What search engine optimization purports to do is optimise for search engines.This calls for creating material that consumers are actively looking for and making sure that both the platforms it is hosted on and the content itself are technically optimised. No of what kind of business or industry they are in, everyone should be engaging in this.

Display advertising

Display advertising, commonly referred to as banners, is quite similar to the conventional print advertisements you would find in magazines, with the added benefit that you may target particular publications that you are aware your audience reads online. With programmatic advertising (where advertisements are scheduled, examined, and optimized automatically using algorithms) and retargeting, it has now significantly increased in sophistication (like when you look at a pair a pair of shoes on the website of your preferred department store, and those shoes subsequently follow you around to all the websites you visit for months).

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing overlaps with many other sorts of marketing and is almost as diverse as digital marketing as a whole. It entails performing all of your PC tasks on a mobile platform while also performing mobile-specific tasks including in-app advertising, text messaging, and using social messaging apps.

Social media marketing

When compared to conventional media channels like TV, print, and even online display advertising, social media delivers an entirely new level of connection and involvement. Instead of just broadcasting messages to a big audience, you might genuinely interact with your customers and listen to what they have to say. Among the several outlets available are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.Options include paid options like Facebook ads as well as organic ones like Facebook groups, page posts, stories, and Messenger. A couple of these social networks should be accounts that almost all businesses should have.

Email marketing

Even though it can seem obsolete in a world when everyone uses instant messaging or Snapchat, email marketing is still among the most effective digital marketing strategies. Black Friday sales and Mother’s Day discounts are particularly popular with e-commerce sites and retail businesses, but you can also utilise email newsletters to “nurture” your prospects by providing Along with promoting your products and services, you should provide them with a lot of value.

Influencer marketing

Working with influencers who already have an audience, such as celebrities, authorities, and experts, is a key component of influencer marketing. When they promote your products to their audience on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube, typically, their loyal followers will take their advice and buy from you. Influencers can be useful for B2B marketing as well; you’ll just be working with more serious and focused thought leaders or industry experts. You might automatically picture the Kardashians or some uber-cool young actress promoting your product to individual customers.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you agree to have other people or organizations promote your products in return for a commission. It is particularly well-liked among bloggers and e-commerce websites (one of the biggest programmed is Amazon Associates). The affiliate will promote your products on their website, and if a customer clicks through and buys, the affiliate will be compensated right away for their part in bringing about the transaction.

Video marketing

These days, video is the main attraction, therefore whatever your line of work, using video is probably something you should be doing! It might be in the shape of a brief video clip or a longer format, be amusing or instructional, be pre-recorded or be streamed live and in real time. You are now developing custom content for your digital channels rather than simply taking a TV advertisement and posting it online.

Audio marketing

Since the Golden Age of commercial broadcasting in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, radio has advanced significantly. Even though television mostly displaced radio as a weekly listening medium, most people still do so, especially given the rise of internet radio. However, audio marketing may be far more expansive and can include podcasts and smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You still have the choice to use conventional radio advertising or comparable advertisements on platforms like Spotify. improve business with a digital marketing company in Nashik.

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