Top 6 Reasons Why Captains’ Sunset Bar, an Expat Bar La Paz is Worth Visiting

Ex-pats are people who are residing in a foreign nation, mostly because of work. Generally, this term is used for educated personnel, efficient workers, or artists that live outside their native nation, either on their own or because of their company policy. There are a lot of Expat bars La Paz that are a fun hangout spot for expats. But not of all of them are like Captains’ Sunset Bar.

If you’ve booked a catamaran from Baja Charters and Excursions and are looking for a place to hangout after your fun nautical activities are over, you must straight head to the Captains’ Sunset Bar that is few steps away from the Baja Cat. Here are top 7 reasons why we would suggest all the yachties, expats, and even the locals to visit Captains’:

Luxurious Experience

You can expect to be pampered by the crew of your deluxe charter yacht provided by Baja Charters with a wide variety of delectable appetisers, gourmet food, delicacies, and cold beverages throughout the duration of your trip. Not only does the price of your charter include soda and other types of sugary drinks, liquor, beer and wine, but there will also be an abundant supply of these beverages.By lining out a preferential sheet that is sent to you once you confirm your reservation with us, it really is essential to let your team know before your arrival about some of your favourite drinks and the quantities that you would like to have before you arrive.

It’s possible that you’ll get the chance to have some gala time on land, mingling with other sailors and having a good time at one of the many fantastic beach bars that are dotted along your route. Visit the Baja Cat’s Captains’ Sunset Bar if you are interested in trying local specialty drinks and even some delectable refreshments and meals if you wish to have a meal ashore. This bar is a must-visit for folks who like to explore local specialty drinks.

Heaven For Sports Fans

Would you consider yourself to be a big sports fan? Visit Captains’ Sunset bar that specialises in serving food and sports to enjoy the game. You will be able to witness the big match on a number of televisions while also having the opportunity to socialise with your friends. It is likely that you will be accompanied by individuals who have also come to watch the game, which can make the experience of watching the game even more exciting. You can enjoy the game with your group, expats, crew of Baja Charters, or even meet new locals.

Lively Environment

It’s safe to say that this is the most popular and well-known bar for expats in all of La Paz. The environment is lively, the delectable cocktails are served ice cold, and the staff are friendly. Spend your money on a hoodie from the souvenir shop, have some fun at the games, chow down on a burger in heaven, or simply socialise with the other guests. It is certain that Captains’ is a location in which you can put your concerns to rest and take pleasure in living life to the fullest.

Rock Band Nights

On visiting the Captains after your nautical activities are over, you can prepare yourself for the live rock band night. There are also Live Jazz nights for people into jazz music. Get ready to jump to the tunes of famous rock bands, enjoy the mesmerizing jazz music, and have the best time of your life.

Place to Relax

Are you done with all the partying and just want to relax? Or Do you want a margarita to sip while you enjoy the live jazz music? It’s all possible at Captains’ La Paz Sunset Bar. We have relaxing spaces both inside the bar, and outside. So be it the live music inside or the beautiful view of the nature outside, you can enjoy either of them. People can also register themselves for some of the most exciting events like tequila tasting. All alcohol enthusiasts can register themselves and take part in this event.

Sensible Crew

When you book a yacht with Baja Charters, you know you are signing up for the best trip of your life. Why? Because on your trip you are surrounded with the most knowledgeable crew. You can ask them any query or tell them your grievances, and they will be the happiest to assist you.

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