Tokyo Revengers Characters


The anime series “Tokyo Revengers Characters” has captivated audiences with its thrilling plot and dynamic characters. Among the highlights are the time-traveling heroes of Toman Gang, who play a pivotal role in the story’s development. In this article, we will explore the characters that make up this delinquent gang and unravel the complexities of their journey through time.

Takemichi Hanagaki – The Protagonist with a Second Chance

At the story’s center is Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old who unexpectedly travels back to his high school days. As a member of the Toman Gang, he seeks to change the tragic fate of his friends and loved ones by altering the course of events. His journey from a meek and timid individual to a determined and courageous leader is a central theme of the series. Killua zoldyck

Manjiro “Mikey” Sano – The Fearless Leader

Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, is the charismatic and enigmatic leader of the Toman Gang. Despite his young age, he commands respect and loyalty from his gang members. Mikey’s unwavering sense of justice and loyalty to his friends define his character, making him a key figure in the gang’s activities and Takemichi’s quest to change the future.

Ken Ryuguji – The Loyal Right-Hand Man

Ken Ryuguji, known as Draken, is Mikey’s right-hand man and a close friend of Takemichi. Draken’s intimidating appearance belies his gentle and caring nature. As the vice president of Toman Gang, he stands by Mikey’s side and supports him in every decision. Draken’s friendship with Takemichi is crucial in shaping the series’ events.

Naoto “Pa-chin” Tsukumo – The Intellect Behind Toman Gang

Naoto Tsukumo, nicknamed Pa-chin, is the brains of Toman Gang. Despite not being a fighter, his intelligence and analytical skills make him an indispensable gang member. As a detective in the future, Pa-chin plays a vital role in helping Takemichi understand the intricacies of time-traveling and the connections between different timelines.

Chifuyu Matsuno – The Dark Past and Redemption

Chifuyu Matsuno, also known as Baji, is a former member of the Toman Gang who returns after a long absence. His troubled past and complex relationships with the other gang members create tension within the group. Baji’s journey toward redemption and forgiveness adds depth to the storyline and sheds light on the complexities of human emotions.

Tokyo Revengers Characters

Emma Sano – The Unsung Heroine

Emma Sano, Mikey’s younger sister, is supportive of the series. While not directly involved in the gang’s activities, she is an emotional anchor for her brother and the other characters. Her caring nature and understanding contribute to the growth and development of the gang members, emphasizing the importance of family ties.

Hanma – The Ruthless Antagonist

Hanma is one of the main antagonists in Tokyo Revengers Characters, a cold and ruthless gang leader who clashes with the Toman Gang. His actions and intentions pose a significant threat to the safety of the gang members, leading to intense conflicts and high-stakes confrontations.


The diverse and multi-dimensional characters of Tokyo Revengers Characters contribute to the show’s compelling narrative and emotional depth. Each member of Toman Gang brings their unique strengths, weaknesses, and pasts, making them an unforgettable ensemble. As viewers follow their journey through time, they become immersed in friendship, loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of a better future.

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