Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Software Development Company

Software is a piece of computer program which is based on a set of coded instructions to execute specific tasks. Now, these tasks can be business / commercial or leisure oriented. Over the years its reach and importance has increased dramatically. Today, almost all the core functions of medium and large scale enterprises are accomplished through computer systems and software. The demand for software developers is therefore not surprising. In fact, the term “software development company” has become quite rampant and one of the popular search engine phrases.


As businesses evolve in terms of product development, processes, sales and marketing, the need for complementing software also increases proportionately, typically to automate or reduce redundancy. There is yet another catch associated with “software”. These nifty little programmed applications are categorized into various subsets which include –


  1. General Purpose Programs – Word Processors or Graphics Software.
  2. Custom Programs – Suitable for a particular product, service or business.


It is because of these distinct needs, requirements and goals businesses typically modify their search query, and now seek custom software development entities. However, it is easier said than done. And the reason is the overwhelming number of options that one is faced with. This article offers simple tips on how to narrow down the most suitable software developer for niche software development wants.


At the very outset businesses need to understand the meaning of software and its subsets. Businesses need to ask the type of application that they intend to outsource. Is it Mobile Application, CRM, CMS or simply an ERP that they intend to build for accounting and resource management? Mentioned below are three distinct platforms that complement software development.


  • Applications for the cloud –


Cloud computing is one of the latest technologies which is becoming quite popular. Businesses looking to setup their digital infrastructure in the cloud must look out for complementing software development services agencies. Cloud based software development is tricky, requires niche expertise and often pricey as compared to local setup. Nonetheless, cloud is the future and enterprises need to migrate to this digital podium for their long term goals.


  • Applications for Mobile Devices –


Software for handheld devices are categorised as –


  • Native – A native app / software cater to a specific operating system or platform. Organization looking to build productivity, leisure or ecommerce apps need to focus on this metric. This in turn will determine the target audience. Organizations that cater to Apple users will typically opt for iOS framework and therefore the software development company in Mumbai or elsewhere should be an entity who complements this requirement.


  • Hybrid – Organizations seeking applications for a broad range of mobile users, irrespective of their platforms / O.S’s, hybrid can be quite fruitful, and therefore the project heads should opt for development firms who are experts in this niche. One also needs to look at the tools and frameworks exploited by custom software Development Company.


  • Progressive Web Applications – On the other hand, progressive web apps or PWA’s are cost-effective, scalable and robust, and SEO friendly programs that function with limited or zero internet connection. It has several advantages over native and hybrid apps. The final call will depend on the organization’s budget, target audience, products / services and future goals. PWA’s are quite popular with small enterprises, and businesses belonging to this category must therefore opt for this option.


  • Web application –


Web applications are suitable for internet and intranet environments. Organizations looking for client-side applications should search for the term “custom software development services India”. As most of these applications are used to increase productivity, process enhancement and client / vendor management it adopts a different set of development principles, tools, languages and frameworks. Once again the project head needs to look into the finer nuances of development nomenclature. A perfect example would be internet based single page applications such as Twitter of Google itself.

Mentioned below are some of the other compelling tips for choosing the best custom software development company –

Cost and Transparency –

At the very outset businesses need to address this question! And the reason is because every business operates on finite budgets. However, cheap doesn’t necessarily translate into quality. Moreover, transparency also matters. Business heads in charge of project should question custom application Development Company for hidden costs. Transparency is the key factor. Many projects have been pushed into abeyance due to cost escalation at the later stage. The question businesses need to ask is really simply—what will be the final cost … from drawing board to deployment and maintenance ( if needed ).

Raw Code Ownership, Bug Fixes and Maintenance –

Interestingly, businesses are not really aware of code ownership. It becomes the moral duty of the developer to hand over the code as it has been paid for. However, businesses also need to understand that this code cannot be resold or exploited for niche commercial gains. On the other hand, bug fixes are the responsibility of the developer. Adding new features, functionalities and routine maintenance / backups are generally add-ons, and therefore payable as per mutual understanding. Organizations should clarify these aspects before awarding the project to best software Development Company.

Expertise | Projects & Team –

Project overseer should demand successfully accomplished previous projects from the narrowed down vendor. Getting to know the software developers, their background and their experience in similar domain can make a big difference. Unlike “Jack of all, master of none” individuals, a dedicated team or an expert developer can build robust, secure software which is in sync with the latest technologies. Such developers exploit virgin code instead of just replicating. Project heads should also meet the development team if possible.

Tools and Technologies –

Project awardees should realize that even top software development companies with poor ethics will exploit easy ways and obsolete tools and technologies to build software. Project heads should look at the vendor website and ascertain if the company uses latest development methodologies. This is extremely crucial as any leniency will simply mean that the said software will die a premature death in terms of security, scalability and user experience. Many project heads ignore this vital parameter which results in dissatisfaction and untimely termination of contract.

Geography & Communication –

Businesses planning to develop software should ask the concerned custom software development services provider the following –


  1. Do they provide a dedicated project manager, a single point of communication?
  2. Do they build the software in house or outsource?
  3. Demand physical address.

It is quite obvious that awarding the contract to development agency located in faraway geographies will mean negotiating different time zones. However, this can be suitably addressed through latest video conferencing tools and real time chat systems. On the flip side, if the selected vendor outsources the project it simply means that the data is actually in the hands of third party which is a cause for serious concern.

Summary –

Before signing the contract make sure that as the head of the project you have looked into the above parameters. Organizational heads need to understand that the term software development services India is ambiguous and a subject of great debate, and therefore, it makes sense to look into the contract terms with a fine-tooth comb. Software is not just a piece of tool that helps automate business tasks. It is an asset which is as important as manpower and machines. It is a virtual genie which can make or break any business.

By Shikha

Shikha is a Senior Digital Marketer. With 8+ years of experience in public relations and marketing, she loves talking about content creation, SEO, ORM Services.