Things to do with your new smartphone

The moment we buy a new smartphone, we want to explore it in all ways. However, you can’t try every task on the very first day when you buy a smartphone. You have to get started with a step-by-step process of switching on the phone and entering your details. A smartphone has a vast amount of preference settings. Each feature is unique in its way. the camera, processor, storage, Ram, or any other feature of the mobile phone, all seem to be interesting.

When you sell mobile online, it is because of its auditors features. While you are all ready to buy a new smartphone, you decide a lot of things. Everyone prioritizes their requirements of features and budget before they hop onto any new device on the market.

Here are some of the basic things that people will do when they are getting started with the new device.

• Transfer files and data from the old device

Transferring data from your old device to a new one is the most basic thing to do. All the data which may include photos, videos, files and documents, and many other things can be transferred. This is for your preference daily. You cannot be located in the old phone itself as you have a new device now. Many people also sell old mobile phones when they buy new one. This is the time when you transfer all the data from an old to a new device and erase it from da used one.

• Login to your email ID/ Apple id 
Another step is to log in to your email ID or Apple ID when you switch on the mobile phone. IOS users might see that they have to create an Apple ID when they buy an iPhone for the first time. After that, they can keep on logging into the same Apple ID that they created the first time. No matter how many iPhones you change. You can get started with the same Apple ID again. You
can also log in to Ivan ID from the email app that is on iOS. Android users have to make an email ID with Gmail so that they can access the play store and also their emails.

• Install new applications 
Installing new applications might be an interesting task for you. If you have upgraded your mobile phone to larger storage, when you’re bored, with the new device, you will have a lot of space on it. You can now download any of your favorite applications. You can even try new applications and your features. If you do not want to use them, you can also install them to save
some space.

• Try a new ringtone or customize other settings 

Every smartphone has down, inbuilt ringtones, sets, and other customization of settings. Every user can customize the ringtone, wallpaper, home screen, or even the lock screen as per their choices. There are also features such as tapping on the back of your device which will provide you with the customized feature you have selected. You Can also customize other features such as the
voice assistant, calling out the name of the person who is calling you.

• Connect it with your smart wearables 

If you own an Apple Watch or Samsung watch, you can get it connected to your mobile phone. However, there are many variables, a lost new market, and almost all a parable with both iOS and android. You can view different activities even on your watch on your hand. Other wearables can be earphones or AirPods which are wireless. You can connect to them simply from the Bluetooth of your device and go ahead with the features it provides with.

• Set a phone lock code 
Setting a lock code or passcode is an important step menu to set up the device. Today we also have a fingerprint sensor in android mobile phones and also face recognition. However, iOS only provides the face recognition system of phone lock. You can also set up a customized passcode. It starts with four digits going up to 6 digits and even words can be put in there if it is more than
six digits.

• Check for the latest update available 

The latest update available on your phone can be shown in the settings menu itself. The latest update is simply the software or security update that your device receives. You need to upgrade to the newest software upgrade launched to express the new features updated by the company. Whether you or an android mobile phone or an iOS device both of them Receive these

All of these are basic things when you start up with your new mobile phone. However, mobile repair service, first be also a priority for your phone to maintain it in a long run.

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