G Suite Email Backup

Do you opt for any G Suite backup solution to create the backup of your G Suite account data? If not, you need solutions that help you secure your emails to get isolated from undesired circumstances.

Whether you are a sole user or an organization, there will always be a need to regularly backup data. However, most users think their data will remain safer as G Suite is a cloud-based service. But, they have the misconception that their data will remain safer. If we look towards the solution to take G Suite email backup, there are methods that can make you create the backup. This technical write-up will explore top-notch backup strategies to back up the user’s G Suite data safely. 

We will cover Google’s backup solution and third-party software to make things easier for users. Before looking at popular backup solutions, this blog will explain some common reasons that require users to take a backup.

Why Users user requires to backup G Suite email? 

However, we have brief you about the importance of taking G Suite email backup, but to provide more clarity, some of the most common situation which led users to backup their data has been explained below:

  • Accidental data deletion, which can intentionally or unintentionally can, cause a problem for organizations.
  • Sometimes, the Google service is down due to maintenance or any other issue.
  • Installing a third-party app via an unauthorized website can bring a virus that can negatively impact user data.
  • Companies need to share the data outside their organization for various business purposes like auditing, merger & acquisition.
  • When you require retaining the data of ex-employees.

By regularly creating the backup, Google Workspace admin can quickly solve the issues mentioned in the above section. Now we will check out some reliable approaches to execute G Suite backup without losing a single piece of data.

2-Top-Notch Solution to backup G Suite Mailboxes

When backing up your G Suite data, users can look for the data export tool, but only the admin can use that utility. On the other side, professional G Suite email backup solutions are available, which will make the task easier for all users. But here we will focus on both solutions and in the end; we will suggest which will provide better result.

Note: – For users looking to opt for the manual solution, then it is recommended that you have the required technical skills. But to make the work more accessible, we have prepared a step-by-step process to make the backup easier.

G Suite Data Export Tool

This utility helps to back up the complete data, but the first condition to using this tool is that the G Suite admin can only use it. Besides, this will work only if you have less than 1000 mailboxes. So, let’s start the process to start taking the backup.

The Ultimate G Suite Email Backup Strategy
  • Go to the top right, click on Tools.
The Ultimate G Suite Email Backup Strategy
  • Here, click on Start Export option to begin the downloading procedure.
G Suite Email Backup

Once the data export task is completed, you must check and view the download file. The procedure to check the data has been described below:-

  1. Go to the email which you have received to download the exported data. Please note that only the admin who has performed the G Suite email backup task will get the email notification rather than all users.
  2. Next step would be to view the email containing the data or to check the data export tool. Also, make sure to click on Access Archive.
  1. Now it is required to check the status of the export, and if the status is completed, you can easily download the data, which will be in zip file format.

However, to view the data, you should turn on the Google Cloud Platform on your account. After starting the export process, running the subsequent process within 30 days is restricted. 

There are many other limitations which make this solution as non-favorable, next, we will move towards explaining to you about the third-party G Suite email backup solution. Also, any user can utilize the software efficiently without any restrictions.

Reliable third-party Solution to backup G Suite data

Due to the lack of better customization options, like the freedom to choose only the required data, pushes users to use third-party software. Shoviv G Suite backup and restore tool fits best in this regard, making it easier for all users to back up their data. It allows the backup of multiple mailboxes at the same time, which will not have a negative effect on the tool’s working. Also, it does not make any restrictions to adding up the large mailboxes.

Moreover, the software has the capability to filter the mail based on multiple data filter criteria. Due to them, users can easily pick up only the required data to back up. This software allows the backup data to save in multiple files such as MBOX, PST, and many more. Users executing the process for taking G Suite email backup will complete their task quickly because of its intuitive user interface.

Alongside this, users can make use of its backup scheduling option. Users can select any one option to run the backup process, such as scheduling jobs immediately, periodically. Also, when the user looks to resume the backup, due to its incremental backup feature, the software will only back up the remaining data from the last backup.

Summing Up

In this technical write-up, we have concentrated on some of the solutions to back up the data of the G Suite account. However, we had taken you through both solution which is a manual and the professional third-party solution. The first manual method has many shortcomings that do not make it an ideal G Suite backup solutions. So, therefore, we suggest trying the third-party tool with the help of its available free trial version. Using it, users can be able to process the first fifty items from each folder.

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