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Hydro Turbine Generator Units

The market for hydro turbine generator units is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 3.3% over the next five years, reflecting a shift in institutional policy as a result of rapid global population and industrialization.

 How do hydro turbines work?

The hydro turbine is a device used in hydroelectric plants to convert the energy contained in moving water into electricity. When water is introduced into a turbine, the blades rotate.

Hydroelectric power is one of India’s fastest growing energy sources, accounting for 5% of total installed electric generating capacity and holding a dominant share of 75% during nighttime peak hours. Since 2006, over 800 new hydroelectric plants have been built, primarily in downstream states such as Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Bihar. Large scale projects on Himalaya river basins such as Teesta-Torsa (2560 MW), Ghaghara-Kapti (1250 MW), and Mansarowar-MauHa (1800 MW) are planned at 15-30 km on either side, along with small hydel electric stations of 40+ MWe that provide an 5 million rural households that do not have electricity


Global hydro turbine generator unit sales are expected to fall to ten in 2017. This is due to a decline in interest in nuclear-based energy generation over coal and natural gas, which has resulted in a greater demand for smaller hydro systems to meet power demands.

Based on company profiles, industry trends, the global economy, and global trade, the report analyses the global hydro turbine generator units market. Our analysts and developers with extensive domain expertise in the hydro turbine generator units industry conducted extensive research and surveys.

This has resulted in an increase in the number of companies offering subminiature turbines that make greater use of water sources with lower potential head and engine output capacity of no more than 2 MW. The increased power generated by micro-hydro turbines is due to mandates from the government focusing on renewable energy generation such as wind and solar.


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A hydro turbine generator unit is a piece of machinery that converts hydro-energy into electrical energy. It is the primary power generation equipment in hydropower plants. Turbines convert mechanical energy from water, steam, or wind to power generators. The generator converts mechanical energy into electricity. In hydropower plants, this combination of generator and turbine is referred to as a generating unit. The increasing demand for reliable and continuous electricity from industrial sectors is driving the growth of the hydro turbine generator units market.

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