Techniques for Free Unlimited EML to PST Conversion

Emails are a significant aspect of modern life. A user could have a lot of emails for different purposes. The file formats for these emails can include PST, EML, MSG, or HTML, among others. You might learn how to convert EML to PST files through this guide. The sender, recipients, message date, URLs, and any attached files are all listed in the EML files. Because.eml files are kept in a partly text format, users may access them on a range of systems. Users might primarily accomplish this by creating EML files.

However, because Outlook cannot handle EML files, you will need a professional EML to PST converter to rapidly and precisely transfer EML to PST. These manual methods can be applied in place of the third-party tool.

Techniques for Free but Limited EML to PST Conversion

Three natural methods to convert EML to PST are listed below. The first and most crucial step is to preserve an EML file backup before beginning the process. Since no manual method is completely safe, consider making a data backup.

Using Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail on your computer.
  • From the exporting option in Windows Live Mail’s File tab, choose the required messages to export.
  • Select “Microsoft Exchange” as your export choice and then click “Next.”
  • A notice will let you know when all of your emails have been transferred to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.
  • Click OK to continue.
  • You may pick whether to convert all email folders or just a specific folder using the chosen folders option. Next, choose OK.
  • If everything had gone according to plan, the Export Wizard would have shown up; choose Finish.

Using MS Outlook with Drag & drop

  • When EML files are maintained separately on the desktop and no EML-compatible email client is installed on the machine that needs to read them, dragging and dropping with Microsoft Outlook is advised.
  • Install Outlook first on your computer.
  • Navigate there, then choose the EML file to find it.
  • Choose an EML document to drag.
  • Include the file in Outlook.

Outlook Express to EML conversion

  • Drag the EML files into Outlook Express to install it first. After modifying, adhere to the recommendations below.
  • Start up your PC and Microsoft Outlook.
  • You may do this by choosing Open and Export from the File menu.
  • Then, choose Import/Export.
  • Pick Outlook Express to import internal mail and addresses. To export.eml files to Outlook, choose Finish.

Drawbacks of Manual Approaches

Let’s discuss its flaws and the reasons an expert EML to PST converter is required.

The likelihood of data loss with the manual approach is the main worry. The failure is probably common, and even a small error might lead to data loss.

Rarely are email attachments sent to Outlook. When a user has several EML files to open in Outlook, using the manual way takes a lot of time and effort.

Using manual processes can drastically damage data integrity. In an EML file, there is a very high likelihood that the SMTP header and metadata characteristics will be altered.

Direct Solution: – EML to PST Converter

Despite the fact that there are other automated options out there, the Softaken EML to PST Converter is favored by many companies and experts. Its popularity may be ascribed to the fact that it provides a number of widely requested features in addition to a simple-to-use graphical user interface. The amount and size of EML files that may be uploaded are both unlimited. As a consequence, you are able to upload as many EML files as you like and import them all at once into Outlook. When an EML is established, the platform supports many email clients in addition to all MS Outlook and Live Exchange versions.

Steps for Converting EML to PST Files

  • You’re able to download and install the EML to PST Conversion Tool on your PC.
  • To add EML files and directories, use Browse.
  • After a complete scan, a preview of all.eml files is displayed.
  • Select PST from the list of export possibilities.
  • Choose a location to save the output files.
  • Select the Convert tab to start the conversion process.


We discussed both manual and expert techniques for converting EML to PST. The manual approach has a number of drawbacks that make it inappropriate for professional use or when dealing with a large number of EML files. Simple EML to PST conversion is offered by the Professional Softaken EML to PST Converter, coupled with a variety of user-friendly features. In order for customers to assess the software’s performance, it also offers a demo/trial edition that enables conversions of the first 25 items in each folder.

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