Soaring High: Experience Paragliding and more with Bir Billing Adventure Tour Packages

Bir and  Billing in Himachal Pradesh, a marvelous tourist destination offering you various adventurous activities to experience. Bir village is located in the west of Joginder valley while Billing is 14 Kms away from Bir at an Alternative of 8,500 fts. Bir has an altitude of 5000 fts and is famously known for its Beautiful eco-tourism, spiritual studies and meditation.  Bir and Billing has a gorgeous landscape with snow- covered mountains, rich green fields of apple orchids, scenic mountains, Streaming waters and wonderful Terrains.  Bir and Billing is popular for various thrilling activities which includes Paragliding, Cycling, Biking, Camping, Jeep Safari, Rafting, Fishing , Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing and Trekking and many more exciting things to do. 

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General information 

  • Bir and Billing is famous for organizing the Paragliding World Cup in India. Upto 150 and professional top ranked paragliding pilots and 500 amateur pilots from across different countries participate in this Paragliding World Cup and you can have an amazing experience watching this Paragliding gliding World Cup in India.
  • Proper medical assistance is available.
  • All the activities and Sports are performed under experienced and professional experts.

Bir and Billing Tour Package

  1. Bir Mcleodganj Tour Package from Delhi


Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights 

Price: ₹ 7880/Adult







  1. Bir Billing  Camping and Trekking Tour Package 

Duration: 4 days and 3 Nights 

Price: ₹ 9900/adult






  1. Cycling and Paragliding in  Bir and Billing

Duration: 3H 

Price: 1800/Adult

  1. Bir Billing Tour Package from Delhi (Group)

Duration: 3 Days and 2 Nights

Price: 16,800/Adult








Day 1 

  • Reaching at Bir 
  • Hotel Check in 
  • Lunch 
  • Sightseeing Nyingmapa Buddhist Monasteries
  • Visit Dzongsor Institute
  • Explore Deer park 
  • Experience the adventurous Paragliding 
  • Dinner 

Day 2

  • Arriving at Billing
  • Breakfast
  • Visiting beautiful Billing Valley
  • Crossing Bir River
  • Venture the amazing wildlife Ladgwal village
  • Sightseeing valley of stone 
  • Hanumangarh View 
  • Bonfire Dinner 
  • Night stay in camps 

Day 3 

  • Breakfast
  • Paragliding
  • Participate in various other adventurous activities
  • Departure 
  • You can also Explore waterfalls, Green Valleys and Wildlife of Bir Billing.
  • Note that during these 3 days you can experience Trekking, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Jeep Safari, Rafting, fishing, Paragliding and Mountain Biking. 

Best  things to do in Bir Billing 

  1. Paragliding in Bir and Billing
  • Experience the fabulous Paragliding Aerial adventure  and beautiful scenic landscape.
  • Paragliding in Bir Billing offers you flying high over the Green terrains, Valleys and high mountains and have a lifetime thrilling paragliding experience. 
  • Paragliding in Clear Blue sky romancing with the clouds is the best part of paragliding. 
  1. Camping with Bonfire
  • Bir Billing offers an amazing experience of Bonfire under beautiful Sky twinkling with stars , surrounded by gorgeous landscape and with delicious meals. 
  • Camping is done in Village Keori which includes INR 1320/Adult offering you Camping, Barbeque, Music, Bonfire and meals.
  1. Trekking 
  • Bir and Billing is land of high mountains and valleys with lush greenery and wonderful Trekking terrains. 
  • This place has waterfalls, river pools and hot water springs.
  1. Rappelling and Rock Climbing
  • Rappelling and Rock Climbing includes hilly adventurous activities involving strength, fitness and your craving towards adventure.
  • These activities are done in Gharnala. 
  1. Delicious cafes and restaurants
  • Bir and Billing has some tasty Centers for you which includes Ara Cafe, The Northern Cafe, Himachali Dhaba and many more. 
  • The place is also famous for its Indian, Chinese and Kashmiri Cuisine.
  1. Hang Gliding
  • A thrilling adventurous Arial sport.
  • Experience this amazing Hang Gliding surrounded by beautiful Mountains, Green Valleys and Alluring Blue sky.
  1. Exploring Bir Billing on Toy Train 
  • Toy train Journey starts from Joginder Nagar and covers all the beautiful sighting spots of Bir Billing comprising a total travel of 160 KM. 
  1. Mountain Biking
  • Mountain Biking offers you to explore Bir Billing on a mountain bike giving you an enjoyable thrilling experience.
  1. Relaxing Spa and massage
  • Includes Yoga, Body Massage and other wonderful relaxation programmes. 
  1. Tour of Bir Tea Plantation 

Best Places to visit in Bir and Billing 

  • Bir Landing Site– Popular for Sunset View and scenic landscape.
  • Dharmalaya Institute – Promote green living eco-campus.
  • Chokling Monastery – Alluring designs and vibrant colors.
  • Deer Park Institute – Famous for gaining knowledge on Indian science, Philosophy and Arts. 
  • Chowgan Tea Gardens– Tea plantation 
  • Palpung Sherabling Monastery– Explore the Palpung tradition with beautiful Dhauladhar ranges.
  • Gunehar River Pool– This place offers gorgeous landscape which includes water streams surrounded by mountains and it’s a great place for day hiking.
  • Baijnath Temple – Dedicated to Lord Shiva. 
  • Banhoru Waterfall– Popular for Peaceful and calm relaxation spots. 

Best Time to Visit Bir Billing

  • The most preferable time to explore Bir Billing is from April to June. 

Best Shopping Places in Bir Billing 

  • Bir Bazaar– Dry goods including Pulses, Raisins, flours, nuts ,etc.
  • Kotli– seasonal Organic food items 
  • Tibetan Colony – Creative Handicrafts
  • Bir road– Vibrant Clothes
  • Baijnath– vegetables
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