Reuzel Hair Tonics

Reuzel is one of the most popular and prominent hair care salons for men. If your man is really invested in his looks and regularly grooms his hair and beard before leaving for work or a party, Reuzel’s hair tonics are exactly what he needs. In the 1950s and 60s, hair tonics were all the rage. But with the introduction of alternative grooming products like wax and gels, they took a back seat. Like every other fashion trend, hair tonics are once again backing in style, owing to their multi-faceted hair benefits and styling perks. Before we delve further into the subject, let us take a quick look at what hair tonics are

What Are Hair Tonics And How Are They Useful?

When you use several different grooming products they deposit some sediments with every use. Say you use a shampoo and conditioner and then use wax or a masker to style the hair. Washing with water may get the product out of your hair but they are going to leave behind residue on the scalp and the hair strands. This ends up clogging up the hair and beard follicles in the long run and interferes with the natural health of your hair. Hair tonics can work like magic and break down these depositions to help your scalp breathe and make your hair feel lighter. They are usually available in liquid but often come in the form of pomade as well. Barbers use hair tonics to cut your hair smoothly and evenly which is why it is also used as a resetting agent. Wet hair and tonic make the ideal combination to get the perfect haircut you have always wanted. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Tonics?

There are multiple benefits of using Reizel’s hair tonics over wax or masker for grooming your hair and beard. They add a shine to your hair making it look glossier and healthier. Besides, hair becomes infinitely easier to manage by reducing frizziness. Without frizz not only do you get better control over your hairstyle but also have good hair days, every day! Reuzel hair tonics are great for damage control and repair as well. From split ends and weak hair to coarseness, tonics are the perfect solution for all your hair issues. They also have tremendous nutritional value. The right hair tonic moisturizes and hydrates your scalp as well as each hair strand while making them stronger from the roots. This way hair becomes less prone to damage and does not break off easily. Dandruff, a direct result of the dry scalp can be effectively reduced with reuzel’s hair tonic and pomade. 

Hair tonics are great for a massage therapy as well. And their use is not limited to the scalp only. Barbers and hair experts use a little bit of the hair tonic to massage the scalp, neck, and shoulders which can accelerate hair growth. The massage improves blood circulation in the neck and shoulder region while the tonics provide the nutrients for enhanced hair growth and quality. 

What Are Some Of Reuzel’s Most Popular Products?

Reuzel’s hair and grooming tonics can be extremely advantageous for your hair. The key components of the hair tonic include hazel nut extracts and nettle leaves. While hazel extracts tighten the follicles, the nettle leaves make your hair lustrous and shiny. Components like horsetail roots, rosemary extracts, and plant-based alcohols can further nourish your hair. You can use their Nutri color crème to touch up the roots and get beautiful hair. 

The Reuzel grooming tonic is particularly designed for your facial hair, aka beards and mustaches. It has the same ingredients as the hair tonic except for the alcohol as that might damage the skin on the face. Omega 9fatty acids are important elements of the grooming tonic that make you look handsome and striking. 

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