QuickBooks Error Code 6190

Thousands of business owners rely on Quickbooks because it helps in streamlining the accounts-related processes. Which in return helps in improving the business. But there are times when even Quickbooks backfires, and that’s because of the errors. One of which is the QuickBooks Error Code 6190 which occurs when Quickbooks is unable to access the company file on the desktop acting as host.

This technical issue not only makes working on Quickbooks a bit hard but also blocks multiple features. So, you should understand and know the reasons why this is happening, access the symptoms, and then resolve it properly.

What are the symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 6190?

While you are looking for ways to resolve QuickBooks errors 6190 and 816, it is important to assess the symptoms and the cause of this issue. Once you have done this, it will be easier to combat the problem.

  • When a window crashes down with an error message.
  • If you see an error message saying “Multi-user mode” not working.
  • The performance of your window reduces. And the effects can be seen on the keyboard and mouse.
  • Your desktop keeps freezing regularly.

What can be the reason for QuickBooks Error Code 6190?

As usual, there are many reasons that could be causing this problem. And as told earlier, it is very important to know the reason for this error.

  • When the.ND or.TLG files are damaged or corrupted due to some reason.
  • The company file that you have been trying to file is damaged due to some reason.
  • When one “company file” is being accessed on multiple devices.

How will you easily resolve error 6190 on QuickBooks desktop?

There are multiple ways to resolve this problem but here we have one of the easiest of them all.

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Solution: Renaming the network data file and the transaction log format file

There are two very important files in your Company file folder. And one of the reasons why you might be facing QB Error Code 6190 is because these files might be damaged due to any reason or there is something else. So here is what should be done. 

  • After updating your Quickbooks Desktop, open the company file folder.
  • Now you will have to locate all the files that have names as that of your company file. But the extension should have.ND (network file) and.TLG (Transaction Log Format File).
  • You can simply go to the “browse” section and search for them.
  • From there when you have located the files, you will have to click on “rename.” 
  • And now you will have to simply put the word “OLD” at the end of the file extension.


If you don’t consider yourself to be a tech geek or someone who would take up the effort to pull all these solution steps together, then we must suggest you call our technical team. Our professionals are just a call away from helping you in fixing QuickBooks Error Code 6190 Our team members are available for help 24×7.

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