“How do I convert PST to EML?” is the query that Outlook users ask the most. Read this article if you fit this description. We will discuss many methods for converting email from Outlook PST to EML format in this article.


PST (Personal Storage Table) is an Outlook data file that contains all of the data from Outlook, including the inbox, mail, and so on. This file format is easily corruptible . It also has some size restrictions. EML, on the other hand, is a type of file format that holds individual messages. Numerous email programs, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Sea Monkey, etc., support it widely as well. Many people look for solutions to convert PST to EML format in order to safeguard the data from corruption and to conveniently access the data in various email applications. Before moving on to the solutions, let’s have a look at some typical justifications for carrying out this conversion process.

Arguments for PST to EML Conversion
1. A user might desire to convert PST files to EML format for a variety of reasons. Here are a handful of them that we’ve shared:

2. Different email clients can read and write EML files, and they are simple to use.

3. Email is kept in a single file.

4. EML files, in contrast to PST, solely keep the message body and any attachments.

5. Providing this file format as an attachment to numerous users is simpler.

6. Since EML is a plain text file, any text editor may readily open it.

Manual Method to Convert PST Files to EML Format Using Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer or device.
  2. Now select the Import option from the Tools menu.
  3. Select the Import Everything option when a new wizard appears, then click Next.
  4. Select Outlook now, then click Next once again.
  5. Select all emails once the process is complete, and then click the Save As button.
  6. Choose where you want to save the generated EML file.

Negative aspects of the manual method
1. It is a laborious and drawn-out process.

2. Data mismanagement is a possibility.

3. The same data file may be used more than once.

4. The attachments cannot be saved individually by users.

Professional PST to EML Conversion Solution
Using a secure and trustworthy WholeClear PST to EML Converter is one of the finest ways to convert email from Outlook PST to EML. With only a few clicks, this technique makes it simple to convert PST files in mass. The data structure is maintained throughout the conversion process, resulting in a smooth conversion of PST. This approach avoids any data tampering while delivering 100% correct findings. Users may also convert PST files using this method to PDF, MSG, MBOX, Gmail, Thunderbird, AOL, etc.

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We’ve discussed the most trustworthy methods to convert PST to EML in the article above. Both the handbook and the professional practices have been thoroughly discussed. By reading the aforementioned essay, you can choose the desired approach. We would advise using the expert approach because the manual approach has several drawbacks.

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