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Paper bags are not only a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags, but they also allow for much greater personalization, which has recently helped them gain a lot of popularity in the packaging industry and in use as shopping bags. Hence, these bags are exported and imported hugely. Many paper shopping bags exporters in India are present to export.  Paper bags are reusable, increase brand awareness, and are not disposed of in landfills. Paper bags’ biodegradable and recyclable qualities allow businesses to demonstrate their concern for the environment.

Here are some types of paper shopping bags:

  1. Simple Brown Kraft

One of the most popular types of bags is the kraft paper bag. These bags are commonly used in grocery stores and department stores. They are created from plain brown Kraft paper and frequently have a bottom gusset that is strengthened with an additional piece of paper.

  1. SOS Bags

Brown Kraft paper bags and SOS bags, which stand for Stand-on-Shelf bags, have a similar design. These bags, however, have a top handle and are a little more robust. SOS bags are frequently used to transport packaged food and beverages.

  1. Pinch Bottom Bags

Paper bags with a pinch bottom resemble envelopes. They have a tapering end, and the other side remains open when one fills them up. The bakery frequently makes use of these bags. Pinch bottom bags are the best choice for storing dry food items since they contain an interior grease-resistant lining.

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