<strong>Lost Chambers Aquarium – Everything you need to know</strong>

The Middle East’s tourist capital, Dubai, is undoubtedly a city that is of the future. There is always something new to experience here, no matter whether you are traveling alone or with friends or family. Dubai’s Lost Chambers Aquarium, housed in the opulent 5-star Atlantis Hotel, is one such uncommon attraction. More than 65,000 gorgeous marine animals of various sorts call it home, and it provides tourists with exhilarating adventure activities. For both kids & adults who are interested in marine life, Lost Chambers Aquarium is the go-to place.

<strong>Lost Chambers Aquarium – Everything you need to know</strong>
Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium Timings
Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm

Why is it a Must-See?

Around 65,000 aquatic animals are housed in over 21 aquariums at Lost Chambers Aquarium which was built for resembling the lost city of Atlantis. You feel as though you are submerged in the water with marine life all across you as you navigate the maze-like underwater passageways. View a variety of fish, including albino alligators and even sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, and seahorses! The aquarium provides assorted activities, including the behind-the-scenes tour where you may hear from on-site experts about some murky, deep mysteries of the water. In addition to the underwater observatory, you can also touch and hold some of the animals at the “Touch Tank” station for a more immersive experience.

Primary Attractions

There are 21 Lost Chambers attractions spread throughout the aquarium complex that don’t cost extra money. Here is a sneak preview of the most thrilling attractions you should visit.

Explorer Atlantis Dive

The best diving Atlantis has to in fact offer can be found here. Professionals can swim for 1.5 hours among the 65,000 marine animals in Ambassador Lagoon on this dive, which is only intended for qualified divers. The Atlantis scuba group will be in charge of supervising this experience and will offer all the equipment and water bottles. If you have a diving certification, you must not miss this.

<strong>Lost Chambers Aquarium – Everything you need to know</strong>

Atlantis Aquatrek

This encounter is intended for those who are a little bit more daring. Visit the Ambassador Lagoon at a depth of three meters to experience what it’s like to walk & breathe underwater. You have the chance to swim with stingrays, fish, and even some sharks with the aid of a special helmet made to assist you breathe underwater! This journey is open to kids above eight years. 

Predator Dive 

Doesn’t that seem terrifying? This is owing to the fact that you will be able to hand-feed up to about 14 different kinds of sharks and stingrays while scuba diving in the Ambassador Lagoon! Do not be concerned; you will be closely watched upon and guided. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is just for the courageous and lionhearted. Do you possess what it takes in confronting Jaws?

Atlantis Dive Discovery

If you wish to try scuba diving, this is the ideal experience. Designed for the beginners, you will scuba dive in the Ambassador Lagoon while being supervised by qualified scuba professionals. Swim close to sharks, Napoleon wrasse, and other fascinating marine life. The age requirement to participate for this dive is ten years old.

Ultimate Snorkel 

This is the aquarium’s ultimate family experience. Take the opportunity to snorkel in Ambassador Lagoon to observe the animals in their natural environment. Even kids as young as 6 years can take part in this experience as no swimming ability are necessary.

Ambassador Lagoon 

The enormous Ambassador Lagoon is conceivably the destination that receives the most visitors and viewers. 11 million liters water is stored in this enormous building! You did read that correctly. This tank is home to the majority of marine life at Atlantis. It is one of the biggest aquariums across the world and can hold 4.5 swimming pools the size of the Olympic Games. In one of the various diving experiences offered at Lost Chambers, you can even swim with the more than 150 kinds of fish that are housed in this tank.

Fish Hospital & Nursery 

Over 65,000 fish means there will inevitably be some injuries. But fear not; in the event of any such issues, the knowledgeable administration at Lost Chambers has taken care to build a “hospital” for the fish. See for yourself how the crew maintains the fish’s health and safety & how the fishes are treated.

<strong>Lost Chambers Aquarium – Everything you need to know</strong>

Interactive Aquatheater Shows 

Get the chance of learning more about the underwater world & about scuba diving especially from knowledgeable, entertaining divers. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to view a feeding demonstration to learn how thousands of fish are fed.

Touch Tank

The young ones are quite fond of this activity. Here, you have the chance to hold and touch various sea life, like starfish & sea urchins. Learn more about these invertebrates while holding them in your hand and experiencing them in an entirely novel way under the guidance of an expert.

Given that visitors of all ages like The Lost Chambers Aquarium, here are all the things you can do there:

  1. Try snorkelling: Lost Chambers Aquarium provides a fascinating opportunity to learn more about snorkelling. You only need to travel to Ambassador Lagoon to see this thrilling sport in action. You should be able to swim, as that is the sole prerequisite. Snorkeling among various sea species, according to visitors to The Lost Chambers Aquarium, is the best family activity in Dubai.
  1. Participate in the Fish Tales Tour: For those who are truly interested in learning more about the aquatic environment, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. The English-language Fish Tales Tour in fact is a guided tour that is aimed squarely at all intellectually curious individuals. You can learn a lot about each individual marine animal in depth because there are approximately 65,000 of them. This interesting and informative tour takes you through the on-site fish hospital & nursery to give you a thorough explanation of how to care for these aquatic animals. This is not the end of it. The Lost Chambers Aquarium’s Behind-the-Scenes Tour provides an inside look at the difficulties marine life experts face when operating far below the surface of the ocean.
  2. Aquarium Dives: Lost Chambers Aquarium offers a variety of diving opportunities for those who enjoy the sport. Atlantis Dive Discovery is a program for novice divers. This program is designed for you, regardless of whether you are merely beginning your diving journey or want to refresh your diving skills. Single tank dive into the submerged ruins is accessible to certified divers. Predator Dive, also known as the last & scariest dive, was created with all the courageous souls who want to feel what it is like to feed the enormous fourteen sharks that live in the Ambassador Lagoon’s depths in mind.
  1. Have you ever attended one of those eerie underwater parties? You are free to celebrate all the important events and festivals that are scheduled throughout the year at The Lost Chambers Aquarium. One of them is Halloween. To signify your presence at the Atlantis Halloween Parties, you must be a member of the Haunted Chambers. You may take in all the nighttime performances scheduled at the aquarium while dressing up in eerie attire.
  1. Indulge in Hath Yoga: Hath Yoga is the best and simplest method for unwinding. Yoga courses are scheduled at The Lost Chambers in a special environment that is surrounded by vibrant marine life on all sides. For your yoga training, you will receive mats as well as water bottles.

People travel to Dubai from all across the world, and the city is gradually developing into a significant tourist destination. There are many malls, hotels, and other attractions in Dubai where you may relax before flying home. Lost Chambers Aquarium is one such location that is very popular with both kids and grownups.

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