Is There an Increase in Need for Digital Marketers?

The world has changed. The internet has connected every person on the planet, and now they have access to more information than they could ever need. Offline businesses must adopt a digital marketing strategy to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, but what is digital marketing?


Digital marketing is the process of harnessing and utilizing online opportunities, such as link building, to increase sales of an offline business. Digital marketing is made up of several parts and channels. The key to success is planning. Once your strategy is in place, it’s time to map out exactly what you’re going to do so nothing gets overlooked or forgotten. Today, in this article we will be discussing whether there is an increase in the need for digital marketers or not. Not only that we will also be discussing the major players in the digital marketing arena.


Here’s a breakdown of some of the major players in today’s digital marketing arena:


SEO / SMM / SEM – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are three very different forms of internet marketing that are often grouped together. They can even overlap with one another, but each is also distinct enough that they need separate explanations for how they work.



Search engine optimization is the process of increasing a web page’s search engine ranking. It involves writing content on a website that is relevant to the keywords that your website will be searched on (typically referred to as your “keyword list”). The more relevant the content, and the more often it’s updated, the higher the chance of ranking higher in search results. Have a look at the most effective tools of digital marketing.



Social Media Marketing is defined as using online platforms like Twitter or Facebook to promote your business. SMM includes other marketing tools like Pinterest, YouTube, or SEO tools that are used with social media platforms.



Search Engine Marketing is the process of paying to have your company listed in a search engine’s results, which are then shown to the user when they search for it. It was one of the most common types of marketing for businesses before digital marketing became popular.



Pay-per-click or PPC stands for “Pay Per Click.” Similar to SEM, you’re paying money to place one of your links on a search engine’s page, but instead of getting paid after someone clicks on that link and visits your site, you’re only charged when someone clicks on all of your links during a single session, or “click-through” (CTR).


Demand for Digital Marketers


With more than half of the world’s population using the internet, it’s no wonder that the demand for highly skilled digital marketers is growing. Over the past 10 years, the web has already seen an increase of over 75% in digital marketing skills. As a result, salaries have gone up dramatically. It’s an exciting time to be a digital marketer, but with demand so high, it’s important to know what to do before applying for that all-important job.

Demand is rising with many companies and individuals on a quest for highly skilled individuals who can offer unique and valuable services. Salary illustrates this as well as being able to master new skills in just ten years! With such high demand, there are plenty of jobs where one can learn from experts at their own pace.  But before that, one needs to have digital marketing skills. With a growing demand for digital marketing skills, one’s chances of getting hired have increased dramatically. With so many jobs available, it’s sometimes difficult to get noticed. That is where skills come in handy. For getting the skills, the best way one can learn is through digital marketing courses in Kolkata.



Companies are willing to pay more for skilled employees who are well-versed in the norms and techniques of digital marketing. Skills such as creating effective content, creating and managing websites, designing advertisements, and developing apps are all gaining prominence and command higher wages than they have ever done before in history.


Salaries are also on the rise and it’s here where a big shift in how companies hire their employees takes place. Major industries such as the automobile, banking, retail, and other service industries now have a high demand for qualified professionals who can help them save time, money, and resources while increasing productivity.


Reasons, why digital marketing is demanding, are the following:


It can be done at anytime


It may be said that the characteristics of the digital world are that it can’t be controlled and there’s no ability to control time altogether, which is why business has to adapt to this new emerging technology on a daily basis and work with it as best they can.


It’s publicly accessible


In the old days, businesses used to keep their hard work hidden from the public eye, but nowadays, our businesses have no more way to hide their information from the public and so it’s time for them to let go and embrace you.


There are no physical boundaries


The main characteristic of this technology is that anyone can access and view it from anywhere in the world as long as they have a computer. So there are no physical boundaries that limit a business and even if there were, by using this technology, a business should be able to overcome any difficulties which arise when having a physical boundary.


It has a high demand for continuous learning


In the old days, business used to stay very much unchanged from the past, and business owners used to treat their customers as though they were customers from the future. Nowadays, businesses must adapt to their environment on a daily basis, and so it’s important for them to use this constantly changing technology because if they don’t, they won’t be able to survive.


Digital marketing is constantly changing


It may be said that our digital world is constantly changing because everything can either change physically or it can change digitally. Businesses must therefore be in line with these changes and use this continually changing technology in order to succeed.




It’s cost-effective because digital marketing pays for itself in the first few minutes after running an ad featuring a video or image. “Digital marketing has a high demand for continuous learning and this continual change means there’s no limit to how much you can learn. Because of this, it has a high demand for constant learning, which explains why companies are spending so much money to get the most out of their efforts.

Final Note

It may be said that our digital world is constantly changing because everything can either change physically or it can change digitally. Therefore, digital marketing is constant, never-ending. If you want to get into the sector it is the correct time. Enroll your name in a digital marketing course and get yourself a proper career.

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