Is it okay to use eyelash serum while pregnant?

Almost everyone would gain from having longer, darker eyelashes. If you are a devoted user or thinking about purchasing a lash serum, you may be wondering whether there is a pregnancy-safe lash serum that actually helps to plump up thinning lashes (or if you can keep using the lash serum you have).

Like many other types of skin care products, lash serums frequently contain a number of ingredients that are not recommended for use during pregnancy (from moisturisers to acne treatments). And now for the spoiler: While pregnant, it’s crucial to evaluate the products you use, but you generally won’t make any changes.

Can your lashes actually become better after using a lash serum?

The promise of lash serums sometimes seems too good to be true. After wiping the face, the serum is applied to the lash line; it frequently comes in a tube with a little brush to make application easier. Over time, benefits may become apparent.

There are certain lash serums that are better than others. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that Latisse effectively lengthens, thickens, and intensifies eyelashes. Clinical studies back up that, said Advanced Dermatology PC’s Dr. Suzanne Friedler, M.D., F.A.A.D., in an interview with Romper. They can, nevertheless, generally enhance the state of your lashes. Probably not. Similar to conditioners, many of them only include simple oils to coat and lubricate the lash hairs.

She also adds that because many products contain ingredients that promote growth, you might be able to gain longer lashes using them. The growth factors found in lash serums, such prostaglandin analogues, keep hair in the androgen (or growth) phase similarly to hormones; hence, regular usage of these therapies may eventually result in enhanced growth.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo concurs, saying that “Lash serums do help in general.” You can use them to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.

Can I use lash serum without putting my unborn child’s health in danger?

The effects on a pregnant woman and her unborn child are unknown because the majority of lash serums are not controlled or studied, thus doctors advise against using them. You might try a 100% castor oil conditioner in place of a potent lash serum.

Pregnant women are advised by Friedler to “do less and enjoy it more.” It’s acceptable to use an oil-based product; the Majestic brand even provides a hydrating eyelash serum made entirely of castor oil. Tests have not demonstrated that the vegetable oil made from castor beans can promote hair growth. However, since it is high in fatty acids and vitamin E and functions as a natural emollient, trying it probably won’t be harmful.

When I’m pregnant, can I take Latisse lash serum?

A prescription is needed to purchase Latisse, but if you are not pregnant or nursing, you can receive one by answering a few simple questions on the Rory website.

Friedler advises against taking growth factors or Latisse, although you probably wouldn’t need them since the body already creates the growth factors that promote hair growth. Because there are more growth factors in a woman’s blood during pregnancy, her hair will naturally thicken, darken, and shine more.

Pregnancy causes higher levels of the hormones oestrogen and androgen, which inhibit hair shedding and create the appearance of thicker hair even when new hair growth is not happening. This group includes both eyelashes and eyebrows. You are more prone to experience hair loss and sparse eyelashes during the postpartum period (fun). Additionally, according to Dr. Friedler, you can use a castor oil eyelash serum while nursing but you should stay away from Latisse and other cosmetics that contain growth agents.

The FDA has classified Latisse as “Category C,” which indicates that the medication has teratogenic effects when administered in high dosages to mice and rats but has not been studied in pregnant humans (for ethical reasons).

Are Superlash serums safe to use?

Care must always be made to safeguard the eyes because they are the most delicate organ in the body and the eyelids have the thinnest layer of skin.

The wellbeing of you and your unborn child should be your top priority as a pregnant woman or new mother. There may be foods, drinks, activities, and even cosmetics to avoid. Lash serums are unsafe to use while pregnant, just like other skincare products like moisturisers and acne treatments. We enquired of two dermatologists in this post regarding the security of utilising lash serums while pregnant. Undoubtedly, you should reconsider the supplies you’ve relied on during your pregnancy, but here’s a secret: Not at all.

• Opt for organic mascara conditioners.

Eyelash serums composed of synthetic chemicals are unsafe, but those with ingredients derived from plants are. Select a hypoallergenic, gentle solution that has been cleared by a dermatologist for use around the eyes to prevent irritation. The EVEDARE Eyelash Serum does not include parabens, growth hormones, or other harmful ingredients. Your eyelashes are kept moisturised and nourished by natural plant elements in the composition.

• Look into the box of the eyelash serum.

The ingredients of the eyelash serum must be verified on the label. You should be aware that this medication may end up in your breast milk and ultimately reach your infant.
Were you trying to find out if there was a general agreement on whether or not lash serums posed any risks to your health?
Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, choosing a lash serum carefully is a good idea due to how close the eyes are to the substance. According to Friedler, the skin on our eyelids is the thinnest and most fragile on our bodies, and certain lash serums contain ingredients that could irritate it. In people with darker skin tones, it may result in hyperpigmentation, itching, or redness of the eyelids. When attempting a new lash product, proceed with extreme caution.

If you’re expecting or recently gave birth and feel like your lashes might use some aid, think about dabbing some or 100% castor oil down your lash lines before going to bed (though you risk getting some on your pillows).

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