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Investment banking is one of the most prestigious careers in the financial industry. The heavy workload and lucrative pay of this profession are well known. The term investment banking industry is popular among Wall Street aspirants. This is due to the high profile of the job and the generous compensation packages.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of financial services agents will increase by 4,400 by 2029, resulting in a worldwide change of 17,400 jobs. Professionals in this field also earn some of the highest salaries in the world. The salaries of new hires are often six figures, which is unheard of for other professions. “But the common question arises in mind “How much does an investment banker earn in India.”  

 If you are interested in the average salary of an investment banker in India, then You’ve come to the right page. We will also explore the factors that affect it. 

Salary Details for Investment Banker in India in 2023 

Investment bankers are in high demand as they act as financial advisors to corporations and the government. These investment bankers can help clients raise money through stock or negotiate the purchase of an opponent’s business. These financial advisors assist in the positioning of the sale of the business itself. 

In their first year, entry-level investment bankers can earn a good salary. They are more likely to receive salaries between Rs.6-7 LPA. As experienced investment bankers work their way up, they can earn anywhere from 12 LPA to 85 LPA. India and the rest of the world could have a high demand for investment bankers. Financial advisors are a significant reason for these lucrative compensation packages. They assure investments and increase the treasure of an organization. 

  • Investment Banker Salary experience Wise 

Investment Banking is a fascinating career in finance. Its salary increases dramatically with experience and time. Companies or banks will begin to recognize value as they gain more experience. These details will give you an idea of what they can earn after gaining experience. Investment Banking can be a challenging career, but as you gain experience and the package grows, the two are proportional.  

  • Starting Salary of Investment Bankers in India 

Freshers are professionals with less than one year of experience or none at all. According to a study of different staff, the average salary for freshers is between Rs. 5 to 8lakh. 

  • Investment Banker Mid-Level Salary 

The individual can demand a salary of more than 8 LPA if they have worked in investment banking for at least one year or between 1-4 years. An experienced mid-level investment banker can demand a salary package of Rs. 8-10 LPA. If they have 5-9 years of experience, they also claim a salary of around Rs. 15 – 20 Lakhs per annum. 

  • Investment Banker Salary at Senior Level 

Senior-level investment banking is reserved for those with over ten years of experience. Investment bankers with 10-19 years of experience can earn a salary of up to Rs. 40 LPA. If an investment banker is older than 19 years, they can expect to receive Rs. 50 Lakhs per Annum. The salary package for every profile varies depending on the country. If we work in a different country than India, then the investor banking salary package differs significantly from India. Investment bankers’ salaries are affected by the financial or economic situation of the country. 

In a financially sound country like the United States, investment experts can expect to earn between $85,540 and $1.50.000 per year. These figures are inaccurate because they don’t include signing incentives ranging from $6000 to $16,000, depending on the company size. 

Why is the Salary of an Investment Banker in India so High? 

Investment bankers make much money by facilitating mergers and takeovers of companies. They also receive high-end commissions. The takeovers and fusions are very time-consuming and require hard work. In short, investment banking is one of the few careers that can reward a straight-out-of-college candidate with a six-digit annual payout. Banks actively seek investment bankers with the right skills to increase their growth. Globalization has led to new job opportunities and a significant expansion of the scope of investment banks. 

The unending work hours and strict hierarchical standards that investment bankers must follow to succeed are also essential factors to consider. 

These factors make India an attractive hub for investment banking professionals with attractive salaries. 

Skills and Qualifications Required for Investment Bankers in India 

Candidates must have a solid educational background to be successful as investment bankers in India. We will examine the skills and credentials required to enter the world of investment banking. 

  1. Education Qualifications 

Typically, a bachelor’s in finance, economics, or business is the minimum requirement to enter investment banking. Many investment bankers have advanced degrees, such as an MBA and a Master’s in Finance. These can impact their career prospects and salary. Investment banking Certificationssuch as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) will enhance your qualifications in the investment banking industry

  1. Analytical Skill 

Investment Bankers are expected to have strong analytical abilities since they must analyze financial data, develop financial models, and assess investment opportunities.  

This requires a thorough understanding of financial statements and market trends. 

  1. Communication skills 

Excellent communication skills are required for investment bankers as they interact frequently with clients and present complex financial data, and negotiate deals. 


The most popular career choice in India’s financial industry is Investment Banker. New hires are likely to earn a salary of six figures per month. You can see that this is one of the best-paying careers in the financial sector. Investment bankers are in high demand not only in India but around the world. Over the last few years, there have been more job opportunities in Investment Banking. Careers in Investment Banking are considered stressful and require extended work hours. 

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