As a small business owner, I get excited when I get that email notification exclaiming that our great new customer has given us a 5-star review on our Google business profile page. It’s a great feeling for our Digital Marketing Company to know that we’ve done a great job and that our customers loved our services and want to tell everyone how great our business is. If you don’t receive online reviews for your business, don’t be afraid to ask customers to leave an honest review on your Google business profile page.


Can I Retrieve the Missing Google My Business Reviews?


Unfortunately, once Google removed a review from their Google business profile page, it was gone forever. There is no way to get it back. Instead of worrying about missing reviews, concentrate on getting new 5-star reviews! 


Small and medium-sized businesses heavily rely on Google My Business reviews to promote their brand and attract new customers. Your customers want to express how great your products and services are to them.


But if you received a five-star review, only to find it missing a few weeks later, don’t worry. Disappearing reviews can be a drag on your business, after all, no one likes their hard-earned reviews disappearing.


Reasons a Google Company Profile Review may be Missing


While Google doesn’t describe every aspect of its spam detection algorithm, it does provide specific guidelines for Google review content. If a Google review was removed from your business page, ask yourself the following questions to determine why the review was removed from your Google business profile. Google will remove reviews that violate its review content guidelines.


  1. Did the Review Include a Phone Number?


A phone number in the review is a big trigger for potential spam. It is not necessary to have a phone number in a review.


  1. Was the Review Published Elsewhere on the Internet?


If the same review appears on Facebook, Yelp, or a “testimonials” page on your website, the duplicate review on your Google My Business page may be removed. Isn’t it great when your customers love you SO much they want to tell everyone how great you are?!?! Here’s the downside: Unless the customer writes unique reviews on each review website, they may risk multiple reviews being removed, not just on Google Business Profile.


  1. Is the Reviewer an Admin of your Google My Business Account or Google+ Page?


If an administrator of the company’s Google accounts writes a review, Google could consider it a conflict of interest. Generally, the person who manages your Google My Business account is not a customer. He is likely to be an employee or a service provider. Feedback must be left by customers.


  1. Check if the Reviewer Removed their Reviews


Your customers can remove their reviews from Google My Business at their discretion. As a brand, you need to work harder to make sure your customers keep their words and their comments about your page.


  1. Did you Suddenly See a Huge Influx of reviews?


It is pretty normal for large-scale brands to have a few new reviews every week. But if you’re a small or medium-sized business that receives hundreds or thousands of reviews in a significantly short period of time, that can set off Google’s spam alerts.


  1. Receive Google Reviews from the Same IP Address


Many businesses offer free WiFi for their customers and encourage them to post reviews on Google for their business. Google notes that if a customer is connected to the same IP address from which the Google listing is managed, reviews are often not displayed.


7 . Copy and Paste the Reviews


Your Google reviews may be leaked if you are just copying and pasting or having someone copy and paste from a third-party website or other profiles.


  1. A Sudden Spike in Google My Business Reviews.


Some people do Google review campaigns to increase their Google My Business reviews and I know many people who still do this and don’t recommend it.


How can you Retrieve Missing Reviews that have been Filtered Out by Google?


  • In most cases, Google does not reset reviews. But if you have genuine Google reviews filtered by Google, you can request to have the reviews reinstated by submitting a reason in the Google Business Profile forum. 
  • When you submit a request, please be sure to include the following details, if possible, along with why you’re writing for Google.
  • How many Google reviews have disappeared?
  • The date they stayed.
  • The names of the customers who left comments.
  • Screenshots of missing reviews


I hope you have clearly understood why your Google business reviews are not showing up. Thanks for your time. If you found this article helpful, please comment “yes” in the comments section below.


By Shikha

Shikha is a Senior Digital Marketer. With 8+ years of experience in public relations and marketing, she loves talking about content creation, SEO, ORM Services.