Transactional SMS service has evolved into an important tool for businesses to communicate directly with their customers. Because of its crucial role in providing critical information and enabling secure connections, Bulk Transactional SMS service is the most significant SMS category.

Transactional Bulk SMS is a powerful communication tool that enables organizations to simultaneously transmit vital and time-sensitive information to a large number of recipients. It offers a solid foundation for bulk delivery of non-promotional, transactional messages, allowing for efficient and successful engagement with consumers, clients, and employees.

What is Transactional SMS Service?

Transactional SMS is a type of text message that is sent to customers to convey vital information or provide necessary updates. These messages are non-promotional and are primarily meant to deliver time-sensitive information. Common use cases include order confirmations, shipping updates, appointment reminders, OTP (One-Time Password) verification, and account balance notifications. The key differentiator of Transactional SMS is that it is delivered to both DND (Do-Not-Disturb) and non-DND registered mobile numbers, making it an ideal channel for critical communications.

Benefits of Transactional SMS:

Transactional SMS offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for businesses:

  • High Open Rates: Transactional SMS messages are considered essential by users, leading to higher open and read rates compared to promotional messages.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By providing relevant information, Transactional SMS improves customer satisfaction and enhances the overall brand experience.
  • Increased Security: OTPs delivered via Transactional SMS ensure secure user verification for various online transactions and registrations.
  • Compliance and Effectiveness: Being non-promotional and delivered to DND numbers, Transactional SMS adheres to TRAI regulations and ensures that critical messages reach customers.

TRAI Guidelines for Transactional SMS:

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has specific guidelines for Transactional SMS to maintain transparency, safeguard consumer interests, and prevent spamming.

 Some key aspects to consider under TRAI guidelines are:

  • Message Templates: All Transactional SMS messages must be pre-approved using templates defined by the respective telecom operators.
  • Sender ID: The sender ID for Transactional SMS should represent the brand or organization while sending the message.
  • Timing Restrictions: Transactional SMS delivered 24×7, irrespective of DND preferences, ensuring critical information reaches customers.
  • Content Restrictions: The content of Transactional SMS must strictly adhere to informational purposes, avoiding promotional content or marketing language.

Examples of Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is used to provide critical information to customers or subscribers. Here are some examples of transactional SMS:

  • Order Confirmation: Thank you for your purchase! Your order #12345 has been confirmed. We will notify you once it’s shipped.
  • OTP Delivery: Your OTP for login is 567891. Do not share this with anyone for security reasons.
  • Account Balance Update: Dear Customer, your account ending in 6789 has a new balance of $500.20. Thank you for choosing our services.
  • Appointment Reminder: Hi Customer, this is a reminder for your dentist appointment tomorrow at 10 AM. See you soon!
  • Delivery Status: Your package with tracking #678912345 is out for delivery. It should reach you by the end of the day.
  • Flight Confirmation: Your flight booking #ABC123 from New York to London on 28th July at 8:00 PM has been confirmed.
  • Payment Receipt: Dear Customer, your payment of $75 for invoice #INV9876 has been received. Thank you for your prompt payment.
  • Service Expiry Alert: Your subscription is expiring on 31st July. Renew now to continue enjoying our services.
  • Security Alert: Unusual activity detected on your account. If this wasn’t you, please call our support team at Customer Support Number.

Differences between promotional and transactional SMS

Businesses have two basic types of messages at their disposal when it comes to SMS marketing: promotional SMS and transactional SMS. Each kind serves a certain function and meets specific communication requirements. Businesses must understand the distinctions between promotional and transactional SMS to develop effective and legal messaging strategies. Let’s explore the key distinctions between these two types of SMS:

Purpose and Content

  • Promotional SMS: As the name suggests, the promotional SMS service is designed for marketing purposes. These messages are typically used to promote products, services, offers, discounts, or events. They aim to attract customers’ attention and drive sales or engagement.
  • Transactional SMS: Transactional SMS, on the other hand, is meant for conveying critical information and facilitating transactions. These messages are non-promotional and usually contain transaction-related details, such as order confirmations, shipping updates, OTPs, appointment reminders, and account balance notifications.

Delivery to DND Numbers:

  • Promotional SMS: Promotional SMS can only be delivered to non-DND (Do-Not-Disturb) registered mobile numbers. Messages sent to DND numbers may result in regulatory penalties and adversely impact the sender’s reputation.
  • Transactional SMS: Transactional SMS, being non-promotional, can be delivered to both DND and non-DND registered mobile numbers. This makes it an ideal channel for sending critical information and ensuring important messages reach customers.

Time Sensitivity:

  • Promotional SMS: The timing of promotional SMS is essential for maximizing impact. However, they are subject to specific time restrictions set by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), and they should only be sent between 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Transactional SMS: Transactional SMS is not restricted by specific timings and can be delivered 24×7, ensuring that important updates and time-sensitive information reach customers promptly.

Message Templates and Approval:

  • Promotional SMS: The content of promotional SMS should be compliant with TRAI guidelines, and businesses need to register their sender IDs and message templates with telecom operators before sending promotional messages.
  • Transactional SMS: Businesses also need to register their sender IDs and templates for transactional messages. However, transactional SMS templates undergo a faster approval process, allowing critical messages to be delivered swiftly.

Opt-Out Option:

  • Promotional SMS: TRAI mandates that promotional SMS must provide an opt-out option, allowing recipients to unsubscribe from future promotional messages.
  • Transactional SMS: Transactional SMS does not require an opt-out option since they deliver essential information and are not intended for marketing purposes.


Transactional SMS plays a vital role in facilitating seamless communication between businesses and customers while ensuring compliance with TRAI regulations. By providing essential information, enhancing customer experience, and bolstering security, Transactional SMS continues to be a powerful tool for businesses to establish trust and build strong relationships with their audiences. Choosing a reliable Transactional SMS service provider is essential to maximize the benefits of this communication channel and adhere to TRAI guidelines for successful and compliant messaging.

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