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HP Gas Online Booking | How to Book HP Gas Online and Offline

Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited, nowadays known as HPCL. Hindustan Petroleum Company has been the power source of everything from Bigger thing to Smaller thing like an airplane to gas stoves in India. This started the marketing of LPG Gas under the brand name HP Gas in 1979. But the introduction of LPG gas in 1955, the use of Liquid Petroleum Gas has been increased manifold and LPG has become the single most popular fuel for household purposes. Its introduction in 1979 of use, But Now HP Gas has over 33 million domestic customers and a wide network of over 2630 distributors.

An HPCL Brand, Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited reaches every customer’s home and meets the high customer demands. It has approx 44 to 45 LPG Bottling Plants over the country and 33 exclusive regional managers to check the quality and seamless management. In addition to domestic LPG cylinders. HP company also provides LPG Cylinders for industrial and commercial purposes. Which is provide through LPG distributors. HP Gas company also provides new gas connection and HP Gas Booking Online without any hassles of customers.

How to Book HP Gas?

Customers can book an HP Gas Cylinder using Services Like IVRS or the online portal.
The process of Booking HP Gas refill is simple and done from the comfort of your home.
Another option is customers can also visit the nearest dealer to book an HP Gas refill.

The general process of booking an HP LPG gas cylinder refill through various channels. HP Gas Company has simplified the process a lot.

HP Gas  Booking Anytime – 24/7 IVRS

HP Anytime is an IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)
This two process was launched by HPCL for all HP Gas customers.

Customers can easily use the 24/7 HP Gas IVRS system to book LPG gas cylinder

The main advantage of the IVRS system for HP Gas customers can call one single number from anywhere in the state to book a gas refill easily.
When customers placing the request for a new LPG refill, They would instantly get a booking number in real-time from the IVRS system.

This new booking system for customer replaced the practice of manual Gas booking.

The request for HP Gas refills is stored in an HPCL central server and then sent to the respective HP Gas distributors in your area.
customers can also use the fixed phones provided to the Agencies to make a Gas booking through IVRS.
This system sends immediate confirmation without facing the hurdles of manual errors, engaged telephones, and restricted working hours it is easy for the customer.

Auto Registration of Numbers on IVRS for HP Gas Booking

New and old Customers can also register their mobile numbers and landline numbers as the personal contact number on HP Gas IVRS to enable auto-identification of the customer. When the customer contacts the HP Gas provider the IVRS recognizes the number. This system also sends alerts 3 times regarding the status of refill supplied – HP gas booking number and date of all pending orders also date of delivery confirmation message will be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number.

HP Gas Booking Online

HP Gas customers can easily book a refill online using the online portal which is provided by the HP Gas Provider. There is some step given for request an HP Gas refill booking online.
Another thing is if you are an HP customer and you have not registered at the online HP gas booking portal, you have to register first at the official portal of HP Gas.

To register a new user, you will have to enter some details like your customer number, distributor name, and distributor details which are given by the services provider. Another thing you will also have to provide is details about your mobile number, email address, and contact number.

But the Registered customers who can already register can log on to the HP Gas Online Gas booking portal using the user ID and password. After logging in, you will have to select the Book / Refill option at the dashboard section of the page at the website of HP Gas Booking.

Enter all types of details asked and click the submit button. The request for your HP Gas Cylinder refill can be booked online easily.

HP Gas Booking Through SMS

Customers can easily book HP Gas refill using the HP Anytime services contact numbers which are given above. Also IVRS process for booking HP Gas. But this services Booking of HP Gas through SMS services is not available for all locations across the all over the country.

If customer Book HP Gas using SMS Service, Customers receive a message regarding HP Gas booking number & date. In the future cash memo and delivery confirmation generate on customer register mobile number which you can use for reference

HP Gas Online Booking Number – IVRS/SMS

States / AreasPhone Number
Delhi & NCR99909 23456
Kerala99610 23456
Maharashtra & Goa88888 23456
Bihar94707 23456
Assam90850 23456
Tamil Nadu90922 23456
Jammu & Kashmir90860 23456
Himachal Pradesh98820 23456
Andhra Pradesh96660 23456
Rajasthan78910 23456
Haryana98129 23456
Karnataka99640 23456
Jharkhand89875 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W)81919 23456
Odisha90909 23456
Punjab98556 23456
West Bengal90888 23456
Gujarat98244 23456
Puducherry90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh98896 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh96690 23456

HP Gas Booking Through Distributor

Another and old process of Booking HP Gas Cylinder. Customers directly get in touch with their nearest HP Gas distributor to place a request for an HP Gas refill. All over the country customer can find the distributor for your location. Contact HP Gas through the helpline or search at the HP Gas online portal.

At the distributor office nearest to you, you can book your HP Gas Cylinder by providing information like your customer number, contact details, and contact address.

Online Hp Gas Booking through Paytm.

Online Hp Gas Booking through Mobikwik.

Online Hp Gas Booking through Freechaege.

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