can you see who views your twitter

Twitter is a largely used platform, and if you use it as well, then you might have wondered sometimes if you can see who viewed your profile and other things.

Well, if you have the same question, then this is the right blog for you, you can read it when you want to know if you can see who viewed your Twitter, your profile, etc. So, stick with us to the end.

So, without wasting time on other things, let us begin to read the steps for looking at views on profiles and other things on Twitter.

Look for the Views on Your Twitter Profile

First of all, answer the question, Is it possible for you to watch the views on your Twitter profile or not? the simple answer to your question is no.

There is no possible way that you can use to find out who is having a look at your profile on Twitter, but you can get to know how many times your profile has been visited each month.

Here are the steps that you are required to follow when you want to know how many times people have visited your profile.

For the first step, you should sign in to your Twitter account, and then you should get to know it by hitting the More button, followed by analytics.

This will allow you to see the number of profile visits on your account in the last month.

Now that you know you can see who views your Twitter account, you will now know if you can view the tweets on your Twitter account.

Is Viewing Views on Tweets Possible or Not?

Just like viewing who has viewed your profile on Twitter is not possible, viewing who has viewed your tweets is not possible. But if you do not want everybody to view your comments on tweets, you can hide them, and here is how you are required to do so.

You need to begin by going to Twitter, and then you need to open the tweets with the comments that you wish to hide.

Following this, you are supposed to look for the option of target replay and then hit on the three dots you see on the screen, and then from the drop-down menu that appears in front of you, you should opt for the hide reply button.

To see the hidden replies again, you should tap on the three dots once more and tap on the corner of the tweet to hit on view hidden replies. 

And then finally, tapping on unhide reply will allow you to see your replies on your tweets.

Making Your Twitter Account Private on the Platform

Now, when you know that ‘does Twitter have profile views? is not possible, you can make your Twitter account private if you do not wish to allow everyone to look at your profile by going to the settings and privacy button, followed by privacy and safety, audience, and tagging, and then finally tapping on the protect button.


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