how to save tiktok videos without watermark

Do you want to save TikTok videos without a watermark then this guide will useful. Tiktok provides various categories of short video content to users. Tiktok is one of the platforms that populated in the shortest time. That is available in many countries. Billions of people worldwide are connected to the TikTok app. Today instagram and youtube also provide short video content. Instagram short videos also know as reels while youtube short videos are known as shorts. Numerous tiktok video downloaders tools or websites are available on the internet but some of them are not able to provide tiktok videos without a watermark. 

We provide you with some tools so you can save tiktok videos without a watermark on Android or computer devices. Many tools and website cost charge for downloading tiktok videos but the snaptiktok tool is a completely free tiktok video download provider. People always find different third-party apps or websites for tiktok video downloads because TikTok doesn’t provide video download service on their platforms.

Method 1: Using Third Party Website or Tool [ Snaptiktok ]

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SnapTikTok is a great tool for downloading tiktok videos in HD quality. This tool never costs charges from the users. If you want to download tiktok video without a watermark then this one is helpful. Video download doesn’t require any sign-up or login process. If you want to download videos on Android, ios, tablets, windows, or Mac, and macos then that is the perfect video download option. The Tiktok video download process is simple. Check below.

TikTok Video Download Process With SnapTikTok

Download any tiktok videos with simple steps. Check below and follow that to easily download a short tiktok video.

  1. The first step is to open the browser on your device.
  2. In the search engine, type
  3. There will be one website on that.
  4. You can access this website by clicking on the link.
  5. Next, open the TikTok app or the website on your device. 
  6. You will see an option to copy the video link on the video.
  7. Paste this link into Snaptiktok’s search box.
  8. To download, simply tap download button.
  9. Downloading has now begun.
  10. In a few seconds, the video will download. 

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Method 2: Download TikTok videos Using A Screen Recorder

Save TikTok videos is simple with any screen recorder app. A screen recorder is a really handy solution for saving any tiktok videos because tiktok provides short videos of around one to few minutes and short videos save using a screen recorder don’t take much time. Screen recorder has a variety of quality options and everyone can easily save them on an Android device as well as a computer too. On the internet countless screen recorder app and software are available you can easily download and install them to use them as a tiktok video saver. 

Features of the Screen Recorder 

  1. Screen recorder freely available.
  2. Useable on android and computer devices.
  3. Best for saving short videos.
  4. 240p, 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080p, etc video quality download possible.
  5. Clean video downloader.

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