fix corrupt OLM file issues

Your OLM file becomes corrupted and you are having a lot of problems. If so, then this article is going to give you a detailed reason as to why it is happening and ways to fix corrupt OLM file issues.

OLM file is used in the Mac Outlook program. This file is similar to a PST file, but there is one limit. Users cannot import OLM files in Windows, as this file is only used for Mac operating systems. One OLM file contains multiple mailbox items and the data is organized in folders and subfolders. However, Microsoft does not officially state the maximum limit of OLM files. But, if the file exceeds 2 GB. There can be many problems.

Causes of Corrupt OLM File

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Mac Outlook uses an OLK file that saves the data of Mac Outlook. When the user wants to archive or export this data, it uses an OLM file to do it. Then, the OLM file saves the data and stores it in the local computer. Now, sometimes there are some scenarios where the OLM file can be damaged or corrupted. These scenarios are.

  • The main cause of the corrupt OLM file is the virus and malware attack.
  • If there is a power failure during your work. Then, the chances of the OLM file being damaged are there.
  • Network failure or system crash is also a reason for OLM files being corrupted.
  • Any incorrect installation of Mac Outlook can also affect the OLM file.

Indicators that your OLM File is Corrupted

We discuss different scenarios, where OLM files may get corrupted. But, now, there is a query that shows how you can identify that your OLM file is corrupted. Then, to answer that, we list some indicators which will help you to identify the problem.

  • Your Mac Outlook application often freezes or crashes.
  • It will become difficult to access your mailbox items.
  • The Mac Outlook is taking longer to respond.
  • Whenever you open the file various errors pop up on the screen.

Solutions to Fix Corrupt OLM File Issues

A corrupt OLM file can cause many problems. So to solve this problem, we are going to repair the corrupt OLM file. For this, we use two solutions: manual solution and professional solution. In manual solutions, there are various ways to fix corrupt OLM file issues. These ways are free to use, but the main drawback is that you can repair corrupt OLM files temporarily. Therefore, we can use another solution, a professional one to fix corrupt OLM file issues. Two solutions for corrupt OLM files are.

  • Manual solution: here, we are going to use three ways to solve the problem.
  • Professional solution: in this, we use the software.

Manual Solution to Fix Corrupt OLM File Issues

This solution is easy and free. Here, we use three different ways to repair corrupt OLM file. Update the Mac Outlook program, Change the OLM file sync service preference, and use the Microsoft database utility.

Update Mac Outlook Program 

This problem can also cause if your Mac Outlook program is outdated. You can solve this by updating your program.

  1. Open Mac Outlook and go to the settings option.
  2. Search for any new updates. If there is download the updated version of Outlook for Mac.
  3. Install the latest update and restart the program.

Use Microsoft Database Utility to Fix Corrupt OLM File Issues

This utility allows users to recover Mac Outlook databases. In this, the utility detects the corrupt issue in your database and repairs the issue automatically. For this, follow the steps to repair corrupt OLM file.

  1. First, go to :/Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/ and find Microsoft Database Utility.
  2. Now, access the utility on your computer.
  3. After accessing it, the scanning process will start.
  4. When it detects the corrupted files, it starts to repair corrupt OLM files automatically.
  5. After the completion of the repair process. You can restart the system. Now, your all corrupt file is resolved.

Change the OLM File Sync Preference

When an OLM file is synchronized and there is any disturbance during the process. Due to any interruption in the network. Then, your OLM file can be corrupted. In that case, you can change and disable the OLM file syncing preference to fix corrupt OLM file issues.

  1. First, open the Mac Outlook program.
  2. Then, from the Menu bar, click on the Preferences option.
  3. Below the Other option, select Sync Services.
  4. Now, unmark all the boxes and exit the application.

Drawbacks of Manual Solution

This solution is free and has a variety of options to fix corrupt OLM file issues. However, there are also some limitations.

  • During the process to repair corrupt OLM files, there can be chances of losing the data. 
  • This solution cannot be applicable, if the problem is in the file structure.
  • You can lose your attachments while doing the work.
  • It is complicated for non-technical users.

Professional Solution to Fix Corrupt OLM File Issues

A manual solution is not a good option to repair corrupt OLM files. That’s why we are going to use this solution to solve it. Here, we use SysTools OLM to PST converter for Mac and Windows user software. This software converts OLM files into PST very easily and also provides various features.

Features of Software

  • The software provides a preview of your OLM file along with attachments.
  • It offers an option to split PST files into multiple files.
  • You can maintain data integrity and folder hierarchy.
  • This software is used in every Windows OS version.
  • It easily converts multiple OLM files into PST form.

Steps to Fix Corrupt OLM File Issues

  1. First, download and install the software.
  2. Click on the Add file option. Browse the file you want to repair and click on Add file option.
  3. After clicking the option, the scanning process will start. Click on the Yes option to save a copy of the scanned file.
  4. Click on the Export option to convert all the files or you can convert the selected file by clicking on Export selected.
  5. Select the PST option as an export type. Now, browse the file, where you want to locate your resulting file.
  6. Click on maintain folder hierarchy and then, the export button.


Just like every other file format, OLM files can be prone to be damaged or corrupt. That’s why, to fix corrupt OLM file issues, we have to repair corrupt OLM files. For this, we use two solutions. First is the manual. We use three ways to repair corrupt OLM file. This solution is free, but it has more drawbacks than benefits. So, this solution is not suitable. Thus, we use a professional solution that can help you to fix corrupt OLM file issues very easily and it is also recommended by the experts.

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