Pune to Mumbai live train running status

There are times when you travel, and the train is late. In winter especially, many trains run late due to dense fog, and the passengers have yet to learn when the train will arrive. In such cases, you can use online services to know about the live running status of trains. The  RTIS (Real Time Train Information System), enables passengers to track their train in real time.

Many online apps like RailMitra provide Current Train Status checking service. For instance, if you are travelling from Pune to Mumbai and want to know about the status of your train, you can check Pune to Mumbai live train running status online from RailMitra.

What is Live Train Running Status?

Live Train Running Status refers to a system through which passengers travelling by trains can check the current location of any train, its real-time delay status and the estimated arrival time at the stations.

Why is it Necessary to Check the Live Train Running Status?

Planning the journey has become much easier now than before the digitization of Indian Railways. It is important to check the current status of your train because it helps in the following:

Management of Time

You will probably miss the train if you don’t get to the station in time to join it for the trip. Travellers can manage their timings to board the train on time through this service.

Proper Planning for Your Journey

Every task requires a plan of action to be completed successfully, as does your railway journey. Along with planning the travel time, it aids in creating a schedule that makes the activities run efficiently.

List of stations along the route

You can know the complete list of stations, the timings, the journey date (DOJ), the arrival and departure times, and the train’s current state, including whether it is departing on schedule (highlighted in green) or experiencing any delays (highlighted in red colour).

Present Status of Departure and Halt

You can see whether the train has departed from the station. A train’s present status will be indicated by blinking and being highlighted in blue. It demonstrates that the train has already left that specific stop.

Easy Journey

Live train running status check has made services like checking seat availability and booking tickets, hotels, and cabs much easier now with digitalization. Once you have your ticket, you can easily know your train’s location and timetable.

Status for the following three days

Live train running status enables you to determine the exact status of any train moving for the next three days. It will give you an idea of when the train will reach its destination.

Steps to Check Live Train Running Status on RailMitra?

If you are going from Pune to Mumbai and want to check Pune to Mumbai live train running status on RailMitra, you must –

  • Visit the RailMitra website or the Play Store to download the RailMitra app.
  • Navigate to “Train Live Status” under the “Rail Tools” section.
  • Enter your Train Number, e.g., 12128, to check the train running status.
  • After entering your Train number, click on the Train Name that appears.
  • Select the train’s starting date from the column of ‘Yesterday’,’ Today’ or ‘Tomorrow’.
  • Press the ‘Check Live Station’ option.
  • The live train running status will appear on your screen.

Train That Runs from Pune to Mumbai

INTERCITY EXP (12128) runs from Pune (Pune Jn) to Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus). It covers a distance of 190 km, and the duration is 3:10 hours. It is a superfast train that runs seven days a week. Passengers travelling from Pune to Mumbai can check Pune to Mumbai live train running status on RailMitra.

Acronyms Used While Checking Live Train Running Status

  • RT – Right Time
  • ATA – Actual Timing of Arrival
  • ATD – Actual Timing of Departure
  • ETA – Expected Timing of Arrival
  • ETD – Expected Timing of Departure
  • CNC – Cancelled
  • UA – Update Awaited

Other Services of RailMitra

On RailMitra, you can also get other services like

  • PNR Status Check
  • Train Schedule
  • Order IRCTC Food on the Train
  • Order Jain Food on Train
  • Fare Enquiry
  • Rail News
  • Hotel By Hour
  • Train Between Stations

Live Train Running Status is an essential service when there are chances of trains being delayed. With the advancement in technology, you can easily avail the status check facility from your home and avoid the trouble of arriving at the station and waiting hours for the train.

You can check Pune to Mumbai live train running status on RailMitra and any other trains running status across local or popular stations. It will help you manage your time well and plan properly before your journey.

Download RailMitra, the all-in-one railway app, to check the live train running status. You can also avail of other services like PNR Status Check, food order in trains, book hotels by hour near railway stations etc.

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