However, today, facebook is the most used platform and there are lots of different features to use. Also you have to know business with the power of Facebook groups for businesses, brands have the opportunity to create fan communities in a way that was not possible back then. How to create a Facebook group for companies


If you have already created a group then you can add your Facebook business page as an admin. 


Your page can be the manager of up to 200 different groups with different businesses, so once you get the hang of it, you could create a new group basically every day if you want.


To create a group with your Facebook page as administrator from your computer:


  • First you have to Click pages in the left menu and select your page


  • Select the groups tab in the left column. (Can’t see it? Head over to managing your page tab and sections to adjust visible tabs and try again.)


  • Click create group.


  • From here, you can add members and personalize your page with a photo, description, and policies.


  • You have to do when you create a group with your Facebook page as administrator from your phone (iPhone or Android):


  • Then you have to do From your news feed, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines), then select pages and select your page


  • Click on more (three horizontal dots) at the top and then tap on groups.


The Benefits of a Facebook Group for Your Business to Grow


If you may not have guessed yet, there are many different benefits to starting your own Facebook group. And we are not alone to think that. According to your business you can join groups and community and share what you want to reach your targeted customers at Digital Marketer, in an article on the Digital Marketer Company share a blog, establishing a private Facebook group for its clients has helped the company meet a number of important organization goals, including :


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Refund reduction
  • Increased retention on monthly memberships
  • Increase sales generated by word of mouth recommendations


How to Use a Facebook Group for Your Business


There are many different ways that you can build your Group, your community, that can be beneficial to your business. For instance:


Gather Like-Minded People


Members can offer solutions to pain points or problems they face. The more support members get, the more positive the experience will be for your members, the more positive word of mouth, and the faster your group will grow.


Cultivate Brand Ambassadors


Because a Facebook group allows and give you a chance to meet, interact and connect with your fans, it allows brands to identify true brand advocates. These ambassadors can be given the information and tools they need to introduce your brand to the outside world and help grow your brand’s fan base.

A great way to nurture those brand ambassadors is to also offer them special offers (which in turn will increase sales again).


Exchange Ideas


The collective brainpower of the group to brainstorm upcoming features for their product or new services they are considering offering. You can also use Group Participation to take a survey to get quick and reliable answers, which version they like the most, what they like or dislike about the upcoming features. This feedback can inform your product and your marketing decisions.




By sharing case studies, video tutorials, research, etc., you can raise awareness of your products and services.


Internal Communications


Of course, there is also Facebook for work, there is also Slack and many other options. But often the easiest approach is the best. When you have employees scattered across different offices, you can set up a secret group and communicate with your internal teams. Since most people are logged into Facebook anyway, it will be easy for them to follow updates and catch up on messages from the rest of the company. 

By Shikha

Shikha is a Senior Digital Marketer. With 8+ years of experience in public relations and marketing, she loves talking about content creation, SEO, ORM Services.