How do I set up a Tesla charging station in my garage?

AVR Expos specializes in all things audio visual, with thousands of events across the United States using their services, they are well versed in hotel guidelines and procedures. Although Tesla chargers aren’t typically found at hotels around the US, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have one at your home or business! Read on to find out how you can have your own Tesla charging station, whether you rent from AVR Expos or not.


Choosing the right location

It’s important to choose the right location for your charging station because it will dictate how much space you need, how much power you need, and which type of charger you need. For example, if the charging station is near an electrical outlet then you can use a Level 1 charger that provides 240 volts at 10 amps. If it’s not near an outlet then you’ll need to install one. If there isn’t enough space near an outlet then you might want to install some type of 240 volt circuit breaker panel and run wiring from there.

Installing the charger

Charging stations require an electrician to come and install wiring and the charger itself. The charging station should be installed near an electrical outlet, but not too close to water or anything that can cause sparks, like gas lines. If you have a detached garage, it’s best to install the charging station inside the home, as garages don’t always have enough room for cars and chargers. However, if you live in an apartment building with parking underneath your unit, installing the charging station below is convenient. If your garage has a lot of traffic or leaves little space for parking and charging, we recommend installing a separate charging spot outside of your garage.


Enacting the charger

Assuming you have a charging station, getting the charger enacted should be possible through the organization that offered it to you. The main thing they will require is your vehicle ID number (VIN). The VIN can be found by taking a gander at the driver’s side of the dashboard, on the driver’s entryway jam, or on your enlistment reports. When they have your VIN, they will email or fax over an understanding for you to sign and return. You will likewise have to give them installment for any appropriate expenses, which are commonly $50 or less. Endless supply of the understanding, a charging station establishment arrangement will be planned for an electrical expert to emerge and introduce the charging stations and wire everything up so it works. From that point, you simply have to deal with connecting every evening!


Interfacing with the Tesla organization

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Ways to utilize your charger

The principal thing you should do is recognize the kind of wall power source that you have. There are two choices: 240 volt and 120 volt. You will likewise have to figure out what kind of charger you need: Level 1 or Level 2. Level 1 is perfect for charging at home, while level 2 chargers are more qualified for charging stations, as they can charge your vehicle quicker than level 1.

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