We can run Microsoft Outlook email client on both Windows as well as Mac. Both platforms are similar but the difference comes between their file format to store its mailbox data. On Mac, Outlook stores its mailbox data in an OLM file and In Windows, Microsoft Outlook stores its mailbox data in OST and PST format. But if you want to import Outlook for Mac mailbox into Outlook, you’ll be required to switch from Outlook for Mac to Windows. There is no official solution that can be offered by Microsoft to export or open Mac mailbox data into Windows Outlook.

For accessing your mailbox data on Windows, first you have to import OLM file to Office 365 File format then import this file format to Windows Outlook. Although it cannot be done manually without losing mailbox data. So, it is recommended to opt for an OLM  Converter. So, let’s know the reason before working on this professional approach.

Reason To Import Outlook For Mac Mailbox Into Outlook Windows

  1. When you have received an OLM file from their client and you want to access it in Outlook for Windows.
  2. When you have purchased a new computer and you want to keep continuing to use Outlook for Windows from Mac.
  3. If you want to open and manage any new updates or projects to organizations.

How To Open Outlook For Mac Mailbox Into Windows Using Best Approach?

It is sad but true that there is no official solution that can completely open a mailbox into Windows. But some manual approaches but they are very lengthy and heavy risk of loss and corrupt mailbox data. So, we advised you to opt for OLM to PST Converter is a perfect choice to get secured output without worrying about data loss.

  • Download OLM Converter then start on your windows pc.
  • Browse all the required OLM files and insert them into the software panel.
  • After that, select PST in the multiple option of select saving.
  • At last, browse required output file location then press convert to get result instantly.

Other Benefits Of Using Professional Software

  1. It preserves data integrity and remains as the original. Also PST File Converter offers full assurance that original data remains unchanged.
  2. This software is easy to operate by all types of computer users.
  3. It also offers a filter option to open specific data and is also helpful to save storage.
  4. There is no requirement to install any other application with this approach.

Wind Up

In this description, we have discussed the best technique to Import Outlook For Mac Mailbox Into Outlook Windows. So, in order to perform secure and reliable transformation of emails from Mac Outlook OLM file to Windows Outlook PST, It is recommended to opt for professional software. Now the query has been perfectly resolved here. If you are facing any difficulties with this technique you can contact our technical support anytime from anywhere to get a solution immediately to resolve all the queries. 

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