How DO I Convert Outlook Email to PDF With Attachments

These days, exporting Outlook PST to PDF with attachments is more and more necessary. This is a result of the user’s frequent desire to transfer PST files between platforms. The user frequently chooses the PDF format in these situations since it is universally compatible. The MS Outlook email program doesn’t have a plug-in that allows you to print several Outlook emails to an Adobe PDF. Because of these queries and their online searches for solutions to bulk export Outlook messages to PDF, the majority of Outlook users are asking them. The majority of users who inquired “How DO I Convert Outlook Email to PDF With Attachments” will be covered in this post.


Outlook Emails Must Be Converted to PDF

Adobe PDF is the most widely used file format for storing. It works with any platform, including Windows, . The user may frequently choose to transfer their PST files to another machine or platform. It is therefore safer to convert right away to PDF. A person cannot use their chosen email client while they are traveling. Additionally handy in some situations are PDF files. Therefore, for both technical and non-technical users, converting emails and calendars from Outlook to PDF is more advantageous and effective.

How Can I Convert PST to PDF the Best?

PST can be converted to Adobe PDF using one of two techniques. By,

  • Manual process
  • Softaken PST to PDF Converter is an automated remedy.

Outlook Email to PDF Conversion Method by Hand

Outlook PST files can be manually exported to PDF by following the methods given below.

  • Open up Microsoft Outlook.
  • The.pst files you want to convert to Adobe PDF should be picked.
  • Select File, then click Save As.
  • You should select a specific location to store the PDF file.
  • Next, select HTML as the format for the file that will be converted from PST to PDF by Adobe.
  • After saving, navigate to the directory where the HTML file is located.
  • Select “Open in Word” from the context menu when you right-click the PDF.
  • Select PDF as the file type when storing the information in Word.

The manual method just involves accessing, but it is time-consuming. For a single file, you have access to this method. If you have a large number of.pst files, though, you are unable to select the manual technique. If you attempt to save an unlimited number of Outlook emails to an Adobe PDF, there is a risk of file loss.

Multiple Outlook emails can be converted to Adobe PDF files with attachments using Softaken PST to PDF Converter.

You can use Softaken PST to PDF Converter software automatically to save time, print numerous Outlook emails to PDF, and guard against data loss. The tool will be very helpful for users of various technical backgrounds. It can convert Outlook contacts, emails, tasks, calendars, notes, and other items. You can migrate one or more PST files to Adobe PDF by using the File/Folder option. It also provides an advanced scanning tool so that you can convert.pst to Adobe PDF without corruption. If the.pst file is corrupt, the application will fix it and convert it to a PDF. includes sophisticated options, including the capacity to filter dates and file naming conventions. Conversion of an Outlook calendar to a PDF in both portrait and landscape modes.

Start the PST Converter tool in step 1. Select Add File from the menu.

To choose the files, there are two categories of alternatives.

  • Use the Export Single File option to just export one file to a PDF.
  • To convert several Outlook emails to PDF, use the Export Several Files option.

Step 2: After adding PST files, you can print numerous Outlook emails to PDF and examine the imported.pst files on the screen.

Step 3: Select the PDF option from the Saving Output drop-down list by clicking the Export button.

Click on the page setting option if you want any advanced customizations. Three different types of advanced settings exist.

  • Layout of the page
  • Bates Number
  •  Stamp Current Date

Step 4: When converting Outlook calendars to PDF files generally, it provides naming convention, categories, and an Advanced PDF option. Page layout is a feature of a PDF file. It is possible to number the pages and provide a date with Bate Numbering.

Step 5: Navigate the target directory to save the output files where you want them to be.

Step 6: Press the Convert button to finish. Multiple Outlook emails can be successfully converted to PDFs.


The aforementioned blog post details how to export all Outlook emails as PDFs. Both the manual and automatic methods for converting emails to PDF in Outlook 2021, 2019, etc. have their disadvantages and benefits. However, due to the limitations of the manual procedure outlined above, many customers choose third-party software to finish the work. This program can also convert a large number of Outlook emails to PDFs.

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