Use Zimbra Briefcase In Office 365

Did you switch from Zimbra to Office 365? But what if you have certain private Zimbra briefcase folders on your desktop that you require right now in the Office 365 platform? I’m curious how I may access my Zimbra briefcase in Office 365. Looking for a dependable utility to help with the migrating process? If this is the case, don’t worry because we’ve included methods for accessing the Zimbra briefcase in Office 365 in the next section. But, before we get into the solutions, let us first examine Zimbra and the Zimbra briefcase, as well as some of the reasons why Office 365 is getting more popular and preferred by the day.

How can I use Zimbra Briefcase in Office 365?

A Comprehensive Overview of Zimbra and Zimbra Briefcase

Zimbra is a well-known collaboration software that was previously known as ZCS, or Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Its services, which include the Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Email Server, and Zimbra Desktop, provide email, calendaring, contacts, and document management. However, Zimbra Desktop has been discontinued, but it once provided excellent help to small enterprises in handling the data of a limited number of employees. Many users still have Zimbra-supported TGZ files on their PC, but they are now managing their personal databases with a different email client. TGZ is a zip file that Zimbra Desktop utilizes to extract critical account data.

Users can store their data safely and share them with peers using Zimbra Briefcase, a folder. Drag-and-drop file upload, file locking, file versioning, folder sharing, and granular access control are some of the capabilities it provides. It can be used separately or as a component of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, which also offers email, a calendar, contacts, and other collaboration capabilities.

Why are Office 365 Services Preferred by Users for Migration?

Similar to Zimbra, Office 365 is a productivity tool that lets users collaborate and access cloud-based services. It is owned by Microsoft and provides trusted online services like Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Spreadsheet, Docs, and Since it is subscriber-only, there are various licenses available, each of which offers a different level of functionality. However, companies can choose a suitable license and properly administer their account on the cloud. Users are currently switching to Office 365 because of its advantages as well. Listed below are a handful of them:

  • Users’ files are stored in the cloud by Office 365. As a result, they are conveniently available at any time from anywhere using any device.
  • provides two-factor authentication, preventing unwanted access to the account.
  • Offer tools that make communication centralized and simple, like Outlook and Skype.
  • Office 365 also includes Yammer, a social networking tool that makes it simple for businesses to connect with one another.
  • In Microsoft 365 accounts, files are routinely backed up.
  • Application upgrades are carried out automatically.

How Can I Use Zimbra Briefcase with Office 365?

In Office 365, there are several ways to access Zimbra Briefcase:

  • Direct Zimbra Converter Tool 
  • manual process

Method 1: Manual Zimbra Briefcase Access in Office 365

To access the Zimbra briefcase in Office 365, follow these steps:

  • Establish an IMAP link between your Office 365 account and your Zimbra account. Enabling IMAP on your Zimbra account and adding it as an external account in Office 365 will accomplish the same thing.
  • Use the email program that supports both IMAP and Zimbra Briefcase to copy the data from Zimbra Briefcase to the local computer after the IMAP connection has been established.
  • Upload the data to your Office 365 account at this point with the use of Microsoft’s SharePoint Migration Tool. Files and folders from various sources, including local storage, network drives, and other cloud storage providers, can be migrated using this tool.
  • You can at last confirm the data transferred to your Office 365 account.

Method 2: Use Office 365’s Zimbra Briefcase. Directly

If you wish to immediately access the Zimbra briefcase in Office 365, you can utilize the Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool. The software is simple, user-friendly, and created in a way that both professionals and laypeople may use it with ease. The procedures themselves are not difficult. They are simple to use and allow users to simultaneously access any number of Zimbra briefcase files in Office 365.

Additionally, the application offers a ton of capabilities that enable users to upload Zimbra briefcases to Office 365 in accordance with their needs. However, the software comes with a free demo that lets consumers test the migration without cost.

Working Steps for Accessing Zimbra Briefcase in Office 365

How can I use Zimbra Briefcase in Office 365?
  • Select Add File(s) and add the necessary TGZ files, folders, or extracted TGZ items to the software.
How can I use Zimbra Briefcase in Office 365?
  • The program pane will display the selected files and directories. In a Preview box.
  • Select the Office 365 option from the list under Export.
How can I use Zimbra Briefcase in Office 365?
  • If you have entered an admin account email address, click the I Am Admin option. Set the tool’s sub-options simultaneously, then click Connect.
How can I use Zimbra Briefcase in Office 365?
  • At this point, you must enter the password for the designated Office 365 email ID on a Microsoft login screen. Next, select Next.
  • Monitor the ongoing procedure. When it is finished, a notification stating “Process Successfully Completed” will appear on the screen. Click OK to leave.

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The blog has covered many methods for logging into an Office 365 account with Zimbra Briefcase. The first approach is technical and would need the assistance of qualified experts to accomplish the necessary migration. The second technique is direct and transfers all of your Zimbra briefcases to Office 365 at once in a matter of seconds. Additionally, it offers a free demo that enables customers to test the conversion and free of charge move the first few Zimbra briefcase files to Office 365.

Note. You may test the Zimbra to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, Thunderbird, Gmail, etc. conversion process with the free demo.

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