With the aid of the Outlook Express to Outlook Converter program, you can import from DBX to Outlook PST. With only one click, it is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to convert DBX to PST. We carefully designed the Softaken DBX to PST Converter program with its intelligent converting procedure to enhance the user experience. It can simultaneously convert a single DBX file as well as several. It provides a straightforward method for converting DBX to PST without introducing any changes. It is capable of successfully extracting all email messages from DBX files, together with their attachments, Meta data, and Internet headers, and saving them to new PST files.

Key Features of DBX to PST

  • Import into Outlook PST format from Outlook Express successfully
  • One or more DBX files can be converted to PST format.
  • For fresh PST files of output.
  • To save email messages from DBX files, create new PST files in the location that the user specifies.
  • Support for the most recent versions of Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Support is available for all popular Windows-based operating systems, including Windows 10.
  • The first few email items can be saved into a brand-new PST file using a free demo version.

Highlights of the DBX to PST Converter Software

Conversion from DBX to PST: DBX to PST Using the software, email messages from DBX folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Draughts, and others may be extracted and saved as new PST files.

Bulk Converting: One or more DBX files may be selected at once. Select each DBX file individually and convert them all at once if you need to convert a lot of DBX files.

Quick, easy, and safe: Users of Outlook Express can benefit from this quick, easy, and secure solution. Additionally, there are no tweaks or modifications made during conversion.

Shrewd prediction: Before converting your DBX files to PST, you can view the mailbox content that was saved there. Additionally, you can pick which emails you want to store as PST files.

Password Protection: It enables you to convert DBX files that are password-protected into PST files.

Possibility of Automatic Search: You can use it to help you find DBX files on your PC. If you are unsure about the location of your DBX files, you must use this function.

Addition to Outlook PST: Simply check the Add new PST option before converting DBX to PST if you wish to add new PST files to your Outlook profile.

Assistance and Compatibility: Even the latest versions of Outlook Express and Outlook are compatible with it. Additionally, it functions well on every version of Windows, including the most recent Win 10.

Steps to Convert DBX files to PST

Step 1 – Outlook Express to Outlook Converter should be installed and launched.

Step 2 – Select your DBX file

Step 3 – A scan and preview are performed on the newly uploaded DBX files. Now hit the export.

Step 4 – Under Export type, choose Convert to PST.

Step 5 – You can save your file in the location you want to save it.

Step 6 – Click and convert your Outlook files to PST

Please take note that this software will not work if your DBX files are corrupt; instead, you must first use DBX recovery software to restore your DBX files before importing them from Outlook Express to MS Outlook.