Hero Super Splendor vs Hero Splendor Plus Comparison

Since its introduction, the Hero Splendor has grown to be a recognizable bike on Indian streets. Hero first debuted its budget-friendly commuter bike in 1994, at a time when many people considered owning a two-wheeler to be an impossible dream. Splendor swiftly rose to the top of Indians’ list of favourite motorcycles, both in urban and rural regions. The model underwent many redesigns as its popularity increased to provide riders with better performance and riding comfort. Hero inundated the market with several Splendor series variations as a consequence. Compare Bikes in India before buying, only at autoX.
The Splendor motorbikes have undergone multiple updates and relaunched with fresh models. The most well-known models of these at the moment are the Super Splendor and Splendor Plus. This helpful Hero Splendor Plus vs Hero Super Splendor comparison has been put together for you if you’re seeking to purchase a new motorbike for your daily commute.

Engine & Transmission

Hero Super Splendor

The air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that powers the Super Splendor and Splendor Plus also incorporates overhead camshaft (OHC) technology. The Splendor Plus, however, has a smaller engine displacement and a larger engine cubic capacity. In comparison to Super Splendor, it has less torque. Therefore, you might think about purchasing the Super Splendor if you routinely use your commuter bike to haul hefty things.


You may already be aware of how fuel-efficient motorcycles with smaller engines are. Both of these motorcycles have smaller engines, as can be seen in the table above. So, you can anticipate getting a lot of use out of them. The Super Splendor’s mileage may range from 57 to 75 kmpl, while the Splendor Plus’s mileage is 80.6 kmpl, based on the Automotive Research Association of India. It’s critical to stress that mileage may vary depending on the bike’s state and whether you’re travelling on a city street or a highway. Thus, Hero Super Splendor outperforms Super Splendor somewhat regarding fuel efficiency. Observing the pick-up, Super Splendor can accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph in 7.5 seconds whereas Splendor Plus needs 9 seconds.

Body and Suspension

The Super Splendor and Hero Splendor Plus are identical in terms of body style and suspension. Both bikes feature twin cradle frames since they are commuter cycles. The front and rear suspensions of Splendor Plus and Super Splendor both have telescopic forks and hydraulic shock absorbers. Now let’s talk about the five colour options for Splendor Plus, 4 of which are dual shades. On the other hand, while ordering the Super Splendor from Hero Motors, you may choose from six distinct colours.

Dimensions & Capacity

The smooth ride is a well-known USP of Hero bikes. These motorcycles’ bodies and wheels are built to handle the rugged Indian roads, even those in rural regions, with ease. Both motorcycles’ increased ground clearance means that they are shielded from the effects of low road impediments and shield the bottom from dents. Additionally, Splendor Plus and Super Splendor’s medium-level wheelbase aids in maintaining your stability while you ride the motorcycles.


The Hero Splendor is a mid-range commuting bike. Therefore, you might be a little let down if you were hoping to find high-end electrical characteristics in them. However, certain items are exclusive to Super Splendor and are not offered on Hero Splendor Plus. These include the side stand indication, stylish metering console, idle start-stop system, as well as engine kill switch. Additionally, Super Splendor includes multi-reflector-type headlights and taillights that provide excellent visibility on the road, particularly when travelling on the highway during the rainy season.


The Super splendor price is Rs 77,200 for its base model and Rs 81,330 for its top model (both prices ex-showroom Delhi). On the other hand, the top-end model of Splendor Plus costs Rs 72,728 in Delhi, while the base model, which is a drum self-cast, costs Rs 70,408 (both prices ex-showroom Delhi). The costs shown below do not include any applicable municipal taxes, insurance, or other obligatory fees. Additionally, these costs vary a little bit from region to region. Let us know which one suits you better of these two. For us, it might just be the slightly more premium Super Splendor.

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