does a universal remote work on smart tv

If you are wondering about the working of a universal remote control on a smart TV? Here is the answer you are seeking for. We all know that the best way to control multiple devices using a single remote is by using a universal remote control. As the name suggests, universal, we can assume that the remote is universally applicable.

So, what about using a universal remote with smart TVs?

You can use the universal remote with a traditional TV which is non-smart since it uses an IR sensor to communicate with the controller. If your remote has an IR sensor, it should be compatible. Simply pair it with a certain code to get it set.

Can you use a universal remote for a smart TV?

The answer is YES! There are a hell lot of third-party universal remotes. Now, almost all smart TVs have come with IR sensors. Some of them use Bluetooth or WiFi as the controlling system. In the same way, there are universal remotes that have different types of the communication channel with the device.

If you are using a normal and ordinary remote control having an IR sensor, you can use it with other devices that has IR sensor to accept the IR commands.

Most smart TVs are still using IR to communicate with the remote. Some of them that have built-in Roku streaming software uses Bluetooth and WiFi for communication.

For example, if you are using GE universal remote for Vizio TV, then there is a unique device code for your Vizio smart TV. While programming the GE universal remote with your TV, you can simply control it. But the TV and the remote control should have an IR sensor.

In the same way, if you are using a Vizio smart TV that has only Bluetooth and WiFi, but not an IR sensor, then buying a GE normal universal remote should not favor you. You should buy some advanced model universal remotes like Sofabaton X1, U1, or Logitech harmony.

Finding the right code is a challenge

The basis of successful programming of a universal remote is finding the proper code. There are different codes based on the brand of the device and the brand of the universal remote control. In the example we have taken above, the universal remote code for Vizio TV for the GE remote is not the same as the code for the Vizio TV for RCA remote control.

So, when you can’t find the proper code, it may lead to faulty programming. Then you need to reset it before proceeding with pairing it with another code. There are a lot of services available that can help with the universal remote. They should have tested codes, installation services various smart universal remote hubs, troubleshooting services, etc.

How will you program a universal remote control?

This is somewhat you should know when you buy a universal remote for your TV, soundbar, Bluetooth speaker, home theater systems, etc.

To be frank, there are separate procedures in pairing the remote control for different brands.

But I can give you a simple overview of how all the universal remotes proceed with pairing. There will be a device selection button on the top of the remote where we can select the type of device we are going to pair. This should be TV, DVD, AUX, STB buttons, etc.

There is a SETUP button where we start the setup process. After pressing the button, we should press the device type button.

Suppose, if you are pairing a universal remote for a TV, you should press the TV button. After 2 seconds, input the device or remote code. Then press the Enter or OK button to complete the process.


You should need a universal remote at your home. When suddenly your original remote doesn’t work, you can simply put this to work.

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