Convert CSV to VCF Online- A Complete Technical Guide?

Are you facing problems with the vCard conversion of CSV files? Moreover, if you want to efficiently convert CSV to VCF formats without any problems or running the risk of losing data, this article is for you. Here, you will learn the best and most reliable ways to convert CSV to VCF as soon as possible.

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What Does CSV Stand For?

Let’s start by defining a CSV file. A database file that stores data in a smooth form is known as a CSV file. It is a CSV file or comma-separated values. Contacts, tables, and additional information are saved in rows and columns.

What does vCard stand for?

The names, addresses, URLs, and extra contact data are stored in the vCard or VCF file format. Comparing this format to CSV files, its convenience is its finest feature. You may store photos and audio clips in vCard files in addition to contact information.

Reasons to Convert CSV to vCard

  • CSV files demand extra storage than vCard does.
  • CSV files are extra susceptible to corruption than vCard files.
  • There is no fixed structure or condition for how contact information should be stored in CSV files.

These are some of the reasons why individuals choose to use VCF instead of CSV. You will learn how to convert CSV to VCF online in the next part.

Convert CSV to VCF in Two Steps

There are two steps to this procedure.

Step 1. Import contacts as a CSV file.

Step 2: Convert the imported CSV file to a VCF.

Step 1: Import Contacts as a CSV File

  • Search for Contacts and press on it.
  • Then choose Import from the menu.
  • Press the Import tab after choosing the CSV file.
  • Tap next after choosing the CSV file to add it.
  • The components of your newly uploaded file will then be shown in the imported CSV file.
  • Finally, click Finish.

Step 2: Export CSV into VCF

  • Open Contacts once again using the search box.
  • Following that, select Export.
  • Click the Export tab after choosing the vCards option.
  • Finally, a pop-up box alerting you that your CSV file has been converted to vCard format will appear.

The performance mentioned above may be used to convert CSV to VCF. Although, this method is not ideal for non-technical people.

Limitations of the Two-Step Method

The manual method has a number of drawbacks, which are listed below.

  • To finish the assignment, technical expertise is required.
  • It takings a lot of time to do it.
  • One CSV file can be converted at a time by operating a guide technique.

These are a few problems with the manual method. Though, you may use the Excel to vCard Converter to convert CSV files into VCF format.

Convert CSV to VCF Professionally

A complete utility that can convert Excel Spreadsheet XLSX/XLS to vCard format is called the CSV to vCard Converter. Also existing is the conversion of several Excel files (XLS, XLSX) to vCard. In addition, you may import all the information from an Excel sheet (Date, Time, and Work). The program’s best feature is that you don’t need any technical skills to use it. Also, the application makes it simple to convert Excel to VCF online in a few short clicks.

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Follow the steps for converting the CSV to VCF as given below:

  • Install and run the CSV to VCF Converter application on your system.
  • Select the browse button, and add the CSV file.
  • Next, preview all the contact information below.
  • Choose the output location to save the VCF file on your system.
  • Finally, click on the “Convert Now” button to begin the process.


I trust you’ll be capable to convert CSV to VCF. A guided approach is another option, but it has significant shortcomings and is not recommended. Excel to vCard Converter Tool is an easy and effective option if you’re wanting to convert your excel files.

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