Choosing a serviced apartment for your holiday accommodation is the right choice

Serviced apartments come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll always find one to suit your needs. No matter how many people are in your party, a serviced apartment provides private bedrooms and communal living areas. In a multi-room apartment, you can come together as a family for meals and fun and games, but also enjoy quiet time away from each other. With a serviced apartment, you can have peace of mind knowing your children enjoy the HD TV in the sitting room while you and your partner enjoy a glass of wine on the private balcony, unlike a series of separated hotel rooms where time apart becomes a logistical nightmare.

Groups of friends can also comfortably stay in holiday apartments. Organizing meals and drinks in your apartment is a breeze with a spacious central living space. Do you want to go your own way? With the flexibility of a large serviced apartment, you and your friends can enjoy time apart before catching up over breakfast at your holiday hub kitchen. However, smaller apartments for two make for stylish romantic getaways. Do you have an upcoming anniversary? With Citybase, you can find a serviced apartment in any city. With our service, we can recommend a thousand things to do wherever you’re going, whether through a city guide, blog, or a simple recommendation from our staff. Serviced apartments are perfect for last-minute holiday accommodation because of their convenience and quality.

Amazing Value and Availability

Many people are surprised to learn that hotel rooms are rarely the best value option. Despite the incredible facilities and space serviced apartments provide, they are usually less expensive than other types of holiday accommodation. For those planning a long-stay holiday, serviced apartments offer even greater value. The value appeal of apartments for short or long stay holidays is undeniable because tax reductions are applied to stays of 28 days or more. By liaising with our extensive property partner network, Citybase can even negotiate better rates for you, the customer, wherever possible. This is an additional benefit of booking your holiday apartments with Citybase.

Availability and distribution are major competitive advantages serviced apartments have over hotels.  In busy city areas, hotels are clustered in long-established buildings, with little flexibility to expand or enhance their facilities. Consequently, there is a limited selection of locations and rooms are small. As a contrast, serviced apartments are frequently found throughout cities, from the most convenient locations for travel to peaceful areas away from the bustle of the city but still within easy reach of transportation. A serviced apartment can be found virtually anywhere, from boutique apartments in small, beautiful former homes to glistening modern spaces in custom-built apartment complexes. For our clients, we select the best property providers in the business to contribute to our portfolio. For your next adventure, we have a wide selection of holiday apartments available almost everywhere in the world. Enjoy a memorable stay at the service apartment in Nashik. Visit for more information about Aashiyana Inn

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