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An instinctive and determined by genetics fondness of living creatures with the natural environment is what the concept “biophilia” refers to in its literal form. Biophilic interior design, also known as “design of living,” is based on the idea that humans have an innate desire to remain in close contact with the natural environment.

It is believed that integrating biophilic design into our formal and informal interiors by attempting to bring aspects of the natural community into them will enhance both our mental and physical health, in addition to promoting productivity. This can be done by incorporating in plants, flowers, or other environmental occurrences.

The Use Of Biophilic Design In Architectural Construction

In the architectural field, the practise of biophilic design takes a holistic approach to the construction or redesign of a space. Buildings that are intended with biophilic design in psyche will make use of natural ventilation and lighting instead of relying on air conditioning and artificial lighting. Furthermore, landscaping will play a key role, both as an element that is noticeable from inside building and as an element that is contained within the facility itself.

Designing A Home, The Biophilic Way

Using the principles of biophilic design in the layout of a floor’s living space means incorporating plenty of natural daylight, earth-toned hues, and lots of potted plants. The goal is to have indoor plants in every room, so that no matter where you will be, you could see and be encircled by them.

Benefits of Biophilic Interior Design

  • Air quality improves when there are living plants in the environment

Co2 (a toxic gas) is used to generate oxygen. They also release water vapour through their leaf surface, creating air drier, which would be a major complaint in air-conditioned workplaces.Plants also soak up volatile organic compounds, which include chemicals found in household products, rugs, and electronic devices.

  • Feel better and more content

Not remarkably, the presence of biophilic components improves our mood. Individuals who are upbeat have a more positive outlook on life, are more self-aware, and enjoy better physical and mental health. Additionally, they are much less likely to be isolated from work due to illness, so if you’re still skeptical about incorporating biophilic interior design elements into your workspace, think about how it might affect your company’s absence rates.

  • Recruit and maintain employees

Having a well-thought-out workspace with plenty of natural daylight and biophilic features demonstrates your company’s sense of style. That you believe in climate change and about your co-workers is also conveyed through the use of reusable water bottles and other environmentally friendly products. We put in a lot of time in the workplace, so we wish it is enjoyable while we’re there.

  • Stress-Relieving And Mental Health-Improving Activities

All mental illness and coronary heart disease have stress as a root problem. The WHO predicts that by 2020, mental disorder and heart disease will be the two leading causes of death worldwide.


The ability to obtain nature straightforwardly can also help ease the burden, according to recent research. Our brain’s jittery network is connected to the billions and billions of streams in our nervous system. The parasympathetic and sympathetic systems make up this system. Whenever a person’s cognitive abilities are required, the sympathetic nervous system activates. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for many internal functions, including digestion. The perfect situation of homeostasis is accomplished when the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous body systems are in harmony.

Biophilia, or the love of nature and other living things, is a concept that, as a whole, links us to the greater universe and our inner interest in protecting and nourish us, make us feel good, both emotionally and physically.Our company provides succulents, spider plants, ferns, hanging plants, and even banana leaf or palm leaf wallpaper can be found in every room. However, this interior design movement is about much more than only looks.All in all, we at Harleen MCLean Interiors are here to provide you the best biophilic home interior design. In case of questions or doubts visit our official website.You can also contact to our staff for more detailed information.

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