Best organic fertilizer company in India

ADASCA is one of the best organic fertilizer company in India, we are basically United Kingdom based company and after helping and serving around the world we are moving to India and help Indian famer top grow with organic farming and we are now best leading NPK fertilizer company in India and after having expertise in assuring the grow around the globe harvest happiness.  Each of our solutions are based with world farming community

ADASCA is involve in the development of framer and we are the manufacturer and marketing in free agriculture inputs for farmer and people of India. Our best agriculture background and expertise in gaining over the years have help to understand the benefits of farming solutions. We are committed to contribute towards agriculture and animals in order to give sustainable development.

Our Product Portfolio includes:

  1. A) Bio Fertilizers
  2. B) Bio Fungicides
  3. C) Bio Pesticides
  4. D) Decomposers
  5. E) Micronutrients
  6. F) Organic Fertilizers
  7. G) Organic Fungicides
  8. F) Organic Pesticides


The approach of ADASCA is very effective and with suitable for crop environment, by help of our researcher it benefits us that we come to this conclusion to have overall presence to help. So the organic farming is necessary to help farmer in India and we are working in this plan to achieve something for farmer in better and innovative so that farmer can adopt this strategy to help the min farming for easy of making without so much of efforts.

So we can say the scope of farming is good in India and the GDP of India’s contribution is coming from agriculture so we can have a good strategy for farming in adopting the NPK fertisil in their farming. The agriculture in India is good and the contribution from farmers are unbelievable with keeping an eye we will be having a good strategy to have an innovative. And the important aspects is to reduce the effort and handwork of farmer to get more profitability in marking more after selling the products.





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