6 Simple PR Tactics to Help You Get Press Coverage

The relation among audiences, brands and businesses has been changed because of technology. With this, a large number of those PR tactics that worked well earlier are now useless. However, still, there are some tactics that are working well.

What is its importance? Your brand can utilize certain opportunities that the best public relations tactics can provide. For boosting your reputation, increasing customer loyalty, raising brand awareness and connecting with the audience in a much better way you will get a lot of help from these tactics.

Now I am going to describe 6 simple PR tactics that will help you get the press coverage.

1.Spread the word with the help of press releases – The earned media is trusted by a large number of consumers which are nearly 92 % and it has been said in the Nielsen study. In your company, the confidence of people will increase if in the blogs, websites, news publications and magazines you will feature your brand. For creating brand awareness, you can get a lot of help from the press releases.  

2.Target media outlets and local TV stations – You may be looking at several outlets of media to share the story of your brand to a large number of people. However, using national media for getting good coverage can be full of challenges to you. If in the national press you do not get a chance then you can take the help of local news to share your story. Using local media can be beneficial to you because less competition exists here. The chances of the target audience viewing your story increase if you will target local media.

3.Get coverage by using public relations stunts – To give shock value, a large number of brands are using publicity stunts. However, sometimes you can get annoyed with publicity stunts. But a lot of people will notice your brand if you will do these stunts right. A clever and creative PR stunt will produce a great effect. For getting the general public’s attention and media coverage you may have to skip the current trend and cross the boundaries. Along with this, it is also important that your brand identity is reflected in the message conveyed by you.  

4.Participate in the events of the industry – For interacting with the target audience, networking with the industry’s important players and promoting the brand, the events can play a very good role. But don’t think that by hosting your events you can do that everything. Your community has several other brands which also organize events. In their events, you have to participate and contribute. In the panel discussions, you can ask certain important questions. You may be having enough knowledge of certain topics and it will be good if over these topics you speak in the event. Your visibility will increase if you will do these things.

5.Leverage social media platforms – It is very important for you that on the platforms of social media you have a good presence as it will help you with your strategy of public relations. For spreading the message and increasing the visibility of your brand you will get a lot of help from social media. It is not enough to create an account on social media. After creating an account, go for sharing content that is valuable and take part in the conversations that are relevant. If you want to know that for your services, items and brand what the audience say then for this purpose take the help of some listening tools of social media. Along with this, you need to quickly solve the problems or complaints of the customers and give a quick response to their messages.

6.Take advantage of influencer marketing – The brand messages and advertisements cannot convince the consumers up to that extent which the other people’s recommendations do and these kinds of consumers are 92 %. As a result, a channel of customer acquisition that is growing at a very fast rate is influencer marketing. For driving conversions and traffic, utilizing the network of influencers will be a good idea but you can do this only if you partner with them. There are a large number of followers in the network of influencers that you can utilize.

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By Shikha

Shikha is a Senior Digital Marketer. With 8+ years of experience in public relations and marketing, she loves talking about content creation, SEO, ORM Services.