6 Secret Ways for Long Term Rentals Mijas Costa

Statistics confirm that over 19 million visitors came to Costa De Sol in 2019, and with the reducing COVID-19 effects, it is again becoming the top tourist place. La Cala de Mijas has the biggest golf resort in Spain, apart from the other six golf courses in Mijas and four more under construction. It is because tourism is the major revenue source of Mijas, which is the richest town in Spain. And its municipality has four major tourist places with historical museums, stunning seas, magical mountains and many other tourist attractions. Hence many people in Spain and worldwide want long-term rentals Mijas Costa to enjoy all the exciting experiences at affordable costs.

So, this article will discuss the many ways to perfect property to rent in La Cala de Mijas to save money by having the best time in the mesmerising Mijas to remember for a long time.

Why Long-Term Rentals La Cala de Mijas Essential?

Mijas town has sunshine for nearly 3,000 hours annually and has the best climate throughout the year with its proximity to the sea and mountains. Temperatures are high, around 30 degrees Celsius during summer, falling to 10 degrees Celsius during winter, and some ice may form in mountain areas above 600 m or around 2,000 feet above sea level. Hence millions of tourists visit the four major parts of Mijas throughout the year, and it is expensive to stay in resorts or hotels for the long term. Hence many visitors want to take long-term rentals La Cala de Mijas to save costs and have a wonderful time. Also, the stunning white houses with terracotta roofs and flowers in pots on the narrow streets are so beautiful not to miss staying in the magical Mijas town.

Ways for Property to Rent in La Cala de Mijas Long Term    

 The magical Mijas town has many wonderful places to explore and enjoy for the long term, with the best restaurants and bars, among others. Excellent location spread over mountains and seas, Mijas Costa provide stunning views and traditional Spanish living with extraordinary cuisine and wonderful weather. Hence, many people want to know how to rent properties in La Cala de Mijas long term and a few ways for it include.

  1. Decide which residential property to rent, like apartments, fincas, townhouses, villas, duplex flats, terraced houses, and penthouses, among others
  2. Check for the monthly rental costs that depend on the residential property and the areas like Mijas Pueblo, La Cala, Las Lagunas, and others
  3. Can choose residential properties from Benalmadena to Marbella, covering all its surroundings along with inland and coastal land in Mijas
  4. Check online for the right residential property to rent in La Cala de Mijas, having the photos and videos to know about the value and quality
  5. Confirm the reviews about the property to know if there are any drawbacks or issues before signing the contract for long-term rentals Mijas Costa
  6. Check the rental contract and the property inventory before signing, paying and moving into them to not have any issues later

Many more ways are essential to know from the best real estate agency for long-term rentals La Cala de Mijas to enjoy the magical town with no hassles and with a comfortable and cost-effective stay.

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