Various things are needed to build a startup. The growth of your presence online is one such thing that can play an important role in building a startup. Instagram is a popular social media platform that can help in growing your presence online. By increasing your Instagram followers, you can do this.

Getting more and more followers on Instagram is not so difficult. Some secret tips will help you in doing that. But these tips are not known to a large number of marketers.

In this post, I am going to show you 6 hidden Instagram secrets for startups to boost Instagram followers.

1.Make the right use of hashtags – In spite of having enough knowledge about hashtags, people usually do not pay much attention to their right usage. Your products can go viral if you will use hashtags. For engaging the visitors, hashtags play an important role. In your services and products, several people may take interest and for reaching these people via your content you need to use proper hashtags in your content. You can perfectly tell your story to the visitors by using the hashtag(s) of average length.

2.Use captions that are right – Images can be described by a short story known as captions. When for your trade you will use those captions that are correct then this will help in your product promotion. Describing the image, your company and your product can be made possible with the use of a caption. When a caption represents your trade then this can be very helpful to you. Using exciting and short captions is always good. If you want relatable and apparent captions then use those captions that are short. A lot of visitors will take interest in seeing and sharing your content if with the content’s images you will tell a short story. The business page of your website will engage more users if your current users will share more and more about you.

When for describing your product, you will use captions with your IG images then this will help in guiding new visitors. Always add to the point and useful captions. Your posts’ story flow will become nice by adding such types of captions.

3.Complete your profile on Instagram – For engaging and boosting followers on IG you need to complete your IG’s business profile. The user will make the decision of following your brand after seeing your IG’s business profile. In determining the value of your brand your post highlights and the feeds of your profile bio play an important role.

Branding your profile page on IG is very important. You have to develop your whole profile. The feeds’ posting time and posting style also matter a lot.

4.Use paid promotions – For startups and brands, a platform that is highly competitive is IG. If you will use paid promotions on IG then your brand can be known to many people and your followers on IG can also increase in number. IG offers packages of different types to various kinds of budding businesses. On IG, running your business-related customized ads can be beneficial to you. In reaching the target users you will get help from these ads.

Remember one thing that IG will not help you in creating perfect ads. It is your responsibility to create ads that are meaningful and beautiful.

5.Indulge in conversation – When you will post and style your images on IG then you can make them engaging by starting a 2-way conversation. Join conversation groups on IG and indulge yourself in meaningful discussion. Try to impress other users by sharing your views and thoughts with them. Start commenting on your niche-related posts. In order to increase your followers on your IG page, add branded hashtags to it.

By direct messaging, commenting and posting you can do conversations on IG. On the posts, queries and comments of the visitors leave a reply.

6.Focus on making posts on Instagram beautiful – If you want to get more followers on IG then focus on making your IG images beautiful. In attracting the people on IG these images can play a significant role. You can get a competitive advantage by making your posts attractive.

When for hiring a digital marketing agency or a designer you don’t have a huge budget then you can use a tool known as Canva. This tool has beautiful pre-built layouts and for IG there is a special section in this tool.


You have to focus on the detail because this will help in getting a large number of followers on IG. This factor has been considered as the most critical one. More information helps in developing trust. Always use real and presentable feeds, company bio and profile pictures.For those who want to plan, create, design, manage and optimize the strategies of digital marketing, it will be good to take help from various digital marketing experts.

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